I received a Happys party kit from Mom Select to help me host my playdate. All opinions are my own.

Meet the Happy's: Cool Interactive Pets Kids Will Love

Remember those cute Zhu Zhu pets that were all the rage two years ago? I sure do, my son has tons of the Kung Zhu that he still plays with. Now, the makers of those cute critters have released a whole new interactive motorized pet: the Happy’s! Last weekend, I had a house full of kids, making it the perfect opportunity for a fun Happy’s playdate. We received four Happy’s, including our favorites, Chance and Mittens. I love Chance because I’ve always wanted a Beagle! Mittens looks just like my real cat, Mally.

Happy's Chance & Mittens

The Happy’s are so much fun to play with. Each pet comes with a treat remote that enables him to do different tricks. The cool thing is, each pet’s remote works with all other pets. I love this because it gives you double the reason to collect all the pets. The remotes are all different. One makes your pet beg while another gets him chasing his tail. Of course, you can also let your pets run around in “explore” mode and see what kind of mischief they get into! We also received a Chase & Play ball, which makes your Happy’s go absolutely bonkers chasing it around! It’s hilarious when all the Happy’s go after the same ball.

Happy Pets Cooper

The kids really loved seeing how my real pets reacted to the Happy’s. Cooper was incredibly concerned about the little creatures. Don’t worry, he’s not biting Chance there, he’s just giving the little guy a bit of a nudge…I think. My cats wanted nothing to do with the interactive pets, and my other two dogs are so used to me bringing home new animals, they didn’t even look twice at them. I think they’re just relieved the Happy’s can’t steal their food!

I REALLY wanted to get a video of the Happy’s in action but they move way too fast. The video I took would make you sea-sick! It’s like Blair Witch on a boat. I kid you not. I did, however, find a video of the commercial on YouTube, so check it out!

Kids at my playdate ranged from 8-14, and all of them absolutely loved chasing around the Happy’s. Or were the Happy’s chasing them? Either way, everyone had a great time. Visit the Happy’s website to learn more, check out other videos and play fun games.