I’m actually writing this like a week before my surgery because I’m trying to schedule ahead. Right now, as you’re reading this, I am most likely in the OR getting my uterus yanked out. I’m good with it, I think. I mean, I better be, it’s a little late to change my mind! Seriously, I’m done having kids…couldn’t have them even if I wanted to. Still, it’s kind of weird to think that the possibility is completely gone now.

Photo Credit: howzey via Compfight cc

Photo Credit: howzey via Compfight cc

So I was looking for a stock photo to use in this post, since I’m not going to show a picture of myself in surgery. I totally would, if I had one (hey, I gave birth in front of like 20 different doctors, nurses, NICU staff and what not, I’m no longer shy about it). Anyway, I was searching on Compfight (great source for bloggers looking for stock pics, by the way) and wow, do they have some creepy stuff! I was going to share the creepiest ones, but then I started getting scared. Really, they’re the last thing you want to look out before heading into the OR.  Still, I couldn’t resist that little gem up there!

Did you know that there are quotes about surgery out there? I looked. I was trying to find encouraging stuff. I’m going to give this one to my doctor, I think it’s very inspirational for him:

Winning is overrated

I am taking the entire week off next week. It will be the first total vacation I’ve taken in years. Too bad I’ll be too sore to move! I’m trying to get scheduled ahead so that no one even realizes I’m gone, but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen. We’ll see! In the meantime, if you’re trying to get in touch with me and I don’t answer, I’m not ignoring you. I’m likely stuck in my bed whining, because I don’t deal well with pain.

So anyway, wish me luck…or at least fun dreams from the after-surgery pain killers!