I received samples of BA Star to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

BA Star Tropical Eyeshadow

You know how I’m totally addicted to new beauty products, right? Well, makeup is one of my favorite things to buy! I love trying out new colors and styles. Last week, I received the BA Star Tropical Eye Shadow Palette & Glue Shadow Base! The palette comes with colors that are just perfect for summer, including:  Lime, Turquoise, Purple, Hot Pink & Silver. Don’t let the bright colors scare you, with BA Star, you can go subtle or strong depending on how heavily you apply.

Now, I’m typically more of a subtle person, so I blended the purple and silver to create a great daytime look. I’ve been wearing makeup for a quarter of a century (since I was like 13) and I think I know how to apply it pretty well. My boyfriend’s daughter, Raina, on the other hand. is only 15 and her makeup skills just blow me away. She is insanely talented. Last weekend, she was over my house for my son’s birthday party. She invited up her bff, Julia (my good friend Beth’s daughter).

When the two of them get together at my house, they like to raid my makeup. Since they were in there, and since Raina is so much more talented than I am, I asked her to do an eye makeover on Julia with my BA Star Tropical Palette. Check out the results!

Go tropical this summer with BA Star!

Wow, right? I can’t tell you how incredibly impressed I am, both with Raina’s skills and with the BA Star Tropical colors. Along with the Palette, I also received Glue – Eye Shadow Primer. This stuff is cool! I never knew they made something like this, and I thought I knew all the makeup products.

BA Star Glue

Basically, you swipe this over your eyelid before you apply eyeshadow, and it significantly increases the staying power. One of the problems I’ve always had with eyeshadow is that it fades away within an hour. Not with Glue! To give you an idea (I almost said eye-dea, but that is just way too corny) of the staying power of BA Star products, they were actually designed for cheerleaders and such. Women who need to impress fans up close and in the stands, who are active every moment they’re out there.

One of the coolest things about BA Star is that you can design your own kits. This is perfect both for cheerleaders who want to match their school colors and moms who want just the right palette for a night out on the town. The price is awesome, too! I played around with the Kit Builder and added three glitter glues, three eye shadows, blush and lipstick. The total was $45. That’s like $6-ish each (math is not my strong suit). PLUS, you get freebies with that, like a sharpener, stickers and a free makeup bag. Do you know how hard it is to find makeup that works spectacularly AND doesn’t cost a fortune? I’m totally hooked.

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