DAVIDsTEA Fair Trade Collection: Yummy Teas that Give Back

While I spend most of the day drinking coffee, I love drinking tea at night to help me relax. Even during the summer, a cup of hot tea really helps take the edge off the day. I love trying out new flavors. Especially when those flavors are all Fair Trade certified! It’s good to know that my cup of relaxation helps build stronger communities!

While I was in the hospital recovering from surgery, a package arrived on my doorstep. My mom, being the incredibly impatient person that she is, opened it to see what it was. While I was excited to get home for many, many reasons (the number one reason being that no one like hanging out in a hospital), knowing that I had a hot cuppa (I always wanted to be British) waiting for me was definitely a plus.

DAVIDsTEA Fair Trade Collection: Yummy Teas that Give Back

I’m going to admit that I barely remember taking the pictures for this post and trying the tea the first time.  Did you ever have surgery? You know that crazy super-human feeling you get the first day after? Where you’re still kind of under the influence of the anesthesia and definitely under the influence of major doses of pain meds? That feeling where you think “I can totally work right now, even though I had an organ ripped out just 24 hours ago!” Yeah, well that’s all well and good, but don’t expect to remember what you actually did during that time. Still, the pics came out pretty decent, right?

So anyway, I tried the tea then and all I can tell you is that I loved it. Not really an in-depth review, right? Luckily I didn’t drink it all at once, so I tried it again in a clearer state of mind.

DAVIDsTEA Fair Trade Collection: Fairly Awesome Teas!

DAVIDsTEA Fair Trade Collection: Yummy Teas that Give Back

DAVIDsTea Fair Trade Collection, as you can see above, comes with 12 little tins of loose tea. Each is a different flavor. Some are more along the lines of your traditional black teas. Others are incredibly exciting…for tea anyway! The collection came with a handy booklet. In my post-op daze, I was incredibly confused as to why there were two charts. Were there two different collections? It took me a few minutes to realize that they were the same chart in different languages.

DAVIDsTEA Fair Trade Collection: Yummy Teas that Give Back

As you can see, there are some really interesting flavors. My favorite? Buttered Rum. Which is funny, because I’m not a fan of the alcoholic version of the beverage. To be fair, though, I don’t think I’ve ever actually had it. Still, I can’t imagine it’s something I would drink. The tea, though, is sooooo delicious. It’s smooth and full of flavor, like that hard candy. I can’t think of what it’s called. Probably buttered rum candy or something totally obvious.

I also LOVED (worthy of all caps) the Organic Blood Orange Pu’erh, even though I have no idea what Pu’erh is. The blood orange part I know, though. I am a huge fan (like stalker-type) of anything citrus flavored. Honestly, I liked all of the teas except the Fantasy Island. Not sure what was going on there, since I like all the elements of it. Coconut and raspberry sound like they would go well together. I can’t like everything though. Hey, I’m picky, you know that!

Now, those tins may look itty bitty, but they actually have enough loose tea to make several cups each. I also received a little sample packet of David’s Tea Filters. They’re incredibly handy little empty tea bags. You just measure out the recommended amount of tea, pop it in the bag, then drop it in your cup to steep. I tried to wash them out to reuse them. I think it’s theoretically possible. I kind of gave up on it after about five seconds and just used my little loose tea ball (because, hey, I don’t have a food processor or a crock pot that I can find, but I totally have a tea ball) once I ran out.

The DAVIDsTEA Fair Trade Collection makes a great gift for birthdays or other holidays. Of course, it also makes a great “I totally rock” gift to yourself! Visit DAVIDsTEA to learn more about all their great teas! Looking for more great Fair Trade items? Check out Fair Trade USA!