I received a EXY Trickstartr Scooter to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Yvolution: Life in Motion


My son, Jake, never really got into bike riding. He tried once, fell, and gave it up. He does, however, love riding a scooter. He got one when he was three and has been riding it since. Now, at almost 9 (on Saturday, eeek!), he’s ready to move past just riding around and get into some tricks. The EXY Trickstartr Scooter makes it easy for him to master some really cool skills with ease.

Exy Trickstartr Scooter: Join the Yvolution

Join the #Yvolution in Scooting with the EXY Trickstartr Scooter

First, let’s talk assembly, because as a parent this is one of the most important things that I look at when I buy anything. I am horrible at assembling stuff. Utterly and completely horrible. I yell, I cry, I throw things, then I beg someone else to do it. The EXY Trickstartr Scooter comes in two pieces, plus a third piece that connects them. Assembly involves slipping piece one into the connector, then slipping onto piece 2 and tightening the screws. Five minutes. The hardest part is making sure you have the handle bars lined up just right with the wheel.

Join the #Yvolution in Scooting with the EXY Trickstartr Scooter

Learning stunts with the EXY Trickstartr Scooter

Join the #Yvolution in Scooting with the EXY Trickstartr Scooter

See that extra piece at the back of the EXY Trickstartr Scooter? It’s called a Tilt Bar, and it’s the piece that helps your kids learn to do rockin’ tricks. There are four riding style with the EXY Trickstartr Scooter. The first one involves using the Tilt Bar to find your balance point. You push off with one foot on the Tilt Bar and the other on the scooter deck. When you lean back, the Tilt Bar catches you. Once you find the spot where you’ve achieved balance, try balancing yourself with both feet on the Tilt Bar.

Join the #Yvolution in Scooting with the EXY Trickstartr Scooter

The second and third riding styles involve changing your position on the Tilt Bar. First you learn how to lean back on the Tilt Bar. Then you learn how to keep only one foot on it while the other is on the side. Finally, you ride with one foot on the edge of the Tilt Bar while holding the other leg out. Soon, your child will be doing tricks without the aid of the Tilt Bar!

Join the #Yvolution in Scooting with the EXY Trickstartr Scooter

Jacob really surprised me at how fast he caught on. He was zooming around in no time, and even do tricks where he jumped in the air while riding! This is my favorite picture:

Join the #Yvolution in Scooting with the EXY Trickstartr Scooter

While I feel like Jacob has mastered the tricks pretty well and is ready to take the Tilt Bar off, he just really likes having it there. He feels like he needs to work on his wheelies at a faster speed still. Plus it just looks really cool. It makes his scooter stand out from the others. Check out the video to see it in action. Yes, his shoe was untied. Yes, I know that is not good. I didn’t realize it until after I took the video.

Mastering tricks on the EXY Trickstartr Scooter has really given Jake a boost in self-confidence. He’s been on it every single day since we got it. It’s so great to see him come home and rush to go outside rather than rushing to his gaming systems. Plus he’s getting fresh air and exercise.


Do your kids love riding scooters? Do they know any cool tricks?


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