FabFitFun VIP

Looking for a subscription box that really lives up to its name? I received a sample FabFitFun VIP box to try out, and I have to tell you, they really do live up to all three parts of that name! This came right after I got out of the hospital after my surgery complications. Perfect timing, because while I couldn’t get “fit” at that time, I definitely need some fab and fun!

FabFitFun VIP: What’s in the Box?

FabFitFun VIP: A Subscription Box that Lives Up to Its Name!

FabFitFun VIP is an awesome seasonal subscription box filled with all sorts of goodies. The first thing that really impressed me was the fact that these are itty bitty sample sized goodies. While some boxes give you maybe one or two full-sized items and a ton of tiny samples, FabFitFun VIP gives you maybe one or two small samples and a good amount of full-sized products. Check out everything I received in my box!

FabFitFun VIP: A Subscription Box that Lives Up to Its Name!

  • Cover FX SPF 30 Protection Primer: I love this stuff! Put it on before your makeup and it creates a smooth, silky surface. Bonus: it smells great! It has a light beachy scent to it, which I think is the sunscreen. Retails for $38.
  • Kai Perfume Oil ($48 value): I love perfumes that are made from essential oils. Kai is a fun, flirty scent in an easy-to-use roll-on bottle. A little goes such a long way, so it will last a while! I am horrible at describing scents, but to me, it’s a light floral scent with a spicy kick. I’m not usually a fan of flowery perfumes, but I do love this one.
  • Mini Stability Ball and DVD ($28.94 value):I haven’t had a chance to really use this yet because I was just cleared to resume normal activities this week. My son, on the other hand, loves it! While I’m not sure he’s using it according to the DVD exercises, he did enjoy balancing on it with his hands, holding it between his knees and walking, and so on. It’s small enough to fit in your gym bag, but strong enough to hold up to even a wacky 9 year old!
  • Dermasuri’s Deep Exfoliating Mitt ($19.99) This little mitt packs a powerful exfoliating punch! When I got out of the hospital, I really couldn’t shower for a few days. That first shower was magical, let me tell you! I used the Dermasuri on my arms, mostly to help get the tape off. You know, that hospital tape that they use for IVs and what not? I was covered in it on both arms and that stuff does not come off easily! The Dermasuri not only got that off, but took care of my super dry elbows too!
  • Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo ($25): Since I couldn’t shower for a few days (unless I wrapped myself in saran wrap, which, by the way, I did during that first shower!), I relied heavily on this awesome dry shampoo to keep my hair fresh. I really like it because when they say “goes on clear,” they mean it. No powdery residue at all.
  • Level Natural Shower Bombs ($7.99):  I absolutely love the smell of eucalyptus or anything minty or menthol-like. These cool little shower bombs contain both organic menthol and eucalyptus. Just drop one in the shower and let the soothing aroma clear the fog away from your brain.

FabFitFun VIP: A Subscription Box that Lives Up to Its Name!

  • Cult Gaia Head Turband ($48): I admit, at first I couldn’t quite figure out what to do with this cute little headband thingamajig. I checked out CultGaia.com to see how the models wore it. Then I worried that I wouldn’t be able to make it look that cute. After playing around with it, though, I found that it’s quite easy to manipulate into bows, flowers or whatever else you want to do with it. Plus it’s just adorable!
  • The Better Chip: This was actually the only sample-sized item in the box! I got the Spinach and Kale with Sea Salt. Honestly, not my thing. I’m weird about vegetables. Sal ate them though and he said they were really good!

Everything in my FabFitFun box was, well, Fab and Fun (even the Fit part!) With a total value of over $200, the $49.99 per season price tag is well worth it. Right now, they have a summer special: use Coupon Code prettyopinionated to Save $5 Instantly. Want to know what’s in the summer box? Check out one of their spoilers! Ready to try it out? Head over to FabFitFun and order your box!

What item from the FabFitFun VIP box would you most like to try out?