There are few things as frustrating as trying to find the perfect gift for “that someone”. You know who I’m talking about. Maybe it’s the boss that has everything. Maybe it’s your teen that can’t seem to stick with one thing for more than a week. Maybe it’s your mother that lives way off in another part of the country. Whoever it is – gift giving isn’t nearly as difficult as you might put it out to be especially if you put one (or all) of these five methods to work for you.

Five Gift Giving Ideas that are as Easy as Pie

1. Gift Them ‘Memories’

Nikki, here on Pretty Opinionated, has covered gift giving before and with Father’s Day right around the corner you may need ideas for last second presents!  A lot of gifts around these spring holidays (mother’s and father’s day) take a very sentimental approach. Because gifts on these days are almost exclusively gifted within families only, giving “memories” in the form of a sentimental gift like a family portrait or even the memory of a special trip or experience is a can’t miss idea!

2. Something Crafted

Turn the industry upside down by using crafts as a gift, instead. There are tons of craft ideas you can work with that turn into great gifts. The best part is that they’re inexpensive and you can personalize them to the specific person which makes them even more memorable than something you’d just buy at the store.

3. Flowers. Always a Given.

Let’s say your Mother’s birthday is coming up and your beloved mother is all the way out in a place like Denver (Colorado) but then … you’re way down in Florida – what do you do?! I would suggest that you have flowers sent because:

A. They’re always a great gift for mothers

B. They’re really easy to order online

C. The arrangements they can make are absolutely stunning

You can get your mum a nice bouquet of flowers then call her on the phone and talk throughout the night. That’s way better than posting something on her Facebook wall, right?

 4. Give Them … a Business?

Okay, well, not really a business.

What I’m talking about is information. I’m talking about teaching them how to make money online (in this case, Swagbucks). It’s like the whole “teach a man to fish …” idea. Rather than giving them an item that’ll eventually find its way into the closet you could sit down with them and teach them how to use the Web to earn a bit of income.

Teaching them techniques about blogging, survey websites, or starting a hobby business is infinitely rewarding when you think about it. The best part is that you could even package it as a DVD or shoot some online video that’s tailored to that person.

5. The Gift of ReGifting

I know you have that idea that “it feels weird regifting something” but why not? If you were to win one of these giveaways but then forwarded it to your friend or loved one than it’s sort of win/win for everyone! You got the item for free (win!) and they’re getting it as a gift (win!).

If you entered one of these giveaways once a day (which is quite easy to do) then you might strike some luck and at least one or two throughout the year but hey … that’s one or two less gifts you have to figure out. What’s cool is that these gifts are quite random so it’ll definitely be something unique to whoever ends up getting it.