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My dogs go totally nuts for Beggin’® Strips. All I have to do is say “it’s baaaaacon!” and they come running. Did you know that the cute pooch on the front of the Beggin’® Strips bag actually has a name? It’s Hamlet! Fitting, right? Now, you and your family can play with Hamlet, make him do tricks and even take pictures with him! All thanks to Blippar, a really cool app augmented reality app.

What is augmented reality? Well, in the case of Blippar and Hamlet, it’s this amazing technology that lets you scan an image and watch it come to life. To play with Hamlet, all you have to do is download the app on Google Play or in the App store, then head to @Beggin to bring Hamlet to life.

Let’s Get Interactive with Hamlet!

Using Blippar to bring Hamlet to life was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Once you’re at the Purina Pet Park Website, just start up the app on your phone or tablet and fill the screen with the image. HOLD STEADY! That is the biggest challenge, especially when you’re constantly as over-caffeinated as I am! Plus I was trying to take a screen shot at the same time.

Blippar App

The little orange dots let you know that Blippar is scanning. Just keep it steady until it’s done. Once Blippar has found and added Hamlet the first time, it scans very fast during subsequent sessions.

Get Interactive with Hamlet the Beggin’® Strips Pooch!

Now watch Hamlet come to life! It’s really fun to make Hamlet do tricks, then fling him a Beggin’® Strips as his reward. The neatest part is that it looks like he’s right in your house. Up there, he’s hanging out against the backdrop of my fireplace. I thought that would be prettier than, say, my incredibly messy dining room table. Stuff piles up when you’re in the hospital for four days!

My absolute favorite feature of the Blippar augmented reality app with Hamlet is the ability to take pictures with Hamlet. In this one, Hamlet is feeding my dog Maia a Beggin’® Strip. She is feeling incredibly lazy today, so her royal highness couldn’t be bothered to actually sit up for the picture. Life has been crazy here lately, I don’t blame her for being exhausted.

Maia and Hamlet

If your kids- or you- love playing with virtual pets, you really have to check out the Purina Pet Park Walmart website and give Hamlet a spin. It’s easy to use and so much fun to bring Hamlet right into your own home.

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