Plan Your Dream Vacation with #RCIDreamVacay

After the month I’ve had, I am in desperate need of a vacation! Between the surgery, then the complications from the surgery, the 4 days in the hospital and the sheer exhaustion of recovering, I really just want to run away from it all. Note the “run away,” as in “hightail it out of town, turn off my phone and forget the rest of the world exists.” I did that a couple of years ago when Jacob and I went on a cruise. Hanging out with my little man and no distractions was pure bliss.

Hanging out with my little man in St. Thomas

We hit three islands, each so incredibly gorgeous in different ways. Look at the water in Grand Turk? Isn’t it amazing? I’ve never in my life seen such beautiful blue water. There were these spots where it suddenly got black. I asked why it was so dark there, and the guide said the ocean floor just drops in those spots!

Grand Turk

Planning my next dream cruise with RCI

Did you know that the mere act of planning a vacation can actually boost your mood? Seriously, there was a study done that proved it.  Since I totally need a mood booster, I got to work planning my dream vacation with RCI. RCI is the global leader in vacation exchange, so believe me, they KNOW vacations! Planning your dream vacation is really simple. Start by picking your own idea of a dream vacay. Do you want to go on a cruise like me? Prefer lounging on the beach? Want to hit the slopes? Pretty much every ideal vacation is there!

Plan Your Dream Vacation with #RCIDreamVacay

Then start adding in the details. Where do you want to go? Since I’ve already been to the Caribbean, I opted for Europe. Honestly, it was a nearly impossible decision because I wanted to go to all of the places! I figure since my son’s passport is only good for one more year, though, we should hit Europe now (I’m even practical in my dreams!).  Some day I’ll get to all of those places.

Plan Your Dream Vacation with #RCIDreamVacay

Next, let RCI know what extras you want (all-inclusive all the way for me!) and how many guests you want to take, then you’re done! Well, almost. Review your answers, then hit the button and see where you’re ideal getaway will take you!

Plan Your Dream Vacation with #RCIDreamVacay

Win Your Dream Vacation!

In just a few clicks, you can plan your dream vacation with RCI. Now, here’s the cool part: you may even WIN your dream vacation! Through RCI’s “Win Your Dream Vacation Sweepstakes,” you have the chance to win a dream vacation worth up to $25,000. A total of 40 vacations will be given away in celebration of RCI’s 40th anniversary. Visit to enter to win until June 18. Creating your dream vacation gives you entries. You can also earn extras by taking fun quizzes, playing games and sharing the contest with your friends socially.

It’s not only easy to enter, it’s also fun and relaxing! I changed my answer like a dozen times just to see what it would come up with before I got serious and planned my cruise. Where would you want to go for your dream vacation?

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.