This post is brought to you by the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. All opinions are my own.

Summer Reading Challenge


As you know, I’m very passionate about promoting literacy. Summer reading isn’t just a way to kick back and relax for me, it’s practically an obsession! This year, I’m really kicking that obsession into high gear. I’ve signed Jacob up for the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge so he can help set the record for the most minutes read! I also plan on sharing updates on our progress, fun home challenges to encourage reading and an exciting Reading Under the Stars party in July.  I’ve already kicked off my summer reading fun with tips to get your kids reading. Last year, I shared summer reading lists for grade school, middle school and young adult readers. Obviously, a lot of great new books came out over the past 12 months, so expect to see updates for all those lists.

Why should you get your child involved in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge?

Kicking off Our Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge

I think I’ve made it pretty clear that I’m a massive fan of the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge. Jacob and I do it every year. Well, he does it, I just cheer him on. This year, the theme is Reading Under the Stars, which really appeals to him. He’s a big fan of reading by flashlight. It makes him feel sneaky I guess. I’ve always encouraged him to be a “sneak reader,” as I think every child should, at some point, stay up past their bedtime reading under the blankets because they just can’t put a good book down.

Now, my favorite part of the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge is that it encourages literacy in kids. By giving them something to work towards- whether it’s virtual badges, prizes or a classroom goal- it makes reading more exciting. Of course reading is a reward in itself, but let’s be honest, often our kids need a little incentive to get them to go the extra mile and really rack up those pages.

SSRC Badges

Jacob’s favorite part is the chance to win really great prizes. He’s already earned enough points to get his first badge and enter for a chance to win a Ricky Ricotta prize pack. He can also qualify for special prizes, like book chapters, but taking extra challenges.

My favorite feature, as I’ve mentioned before, is the book lists. I plan to use those for inspiration in building my own ultimate Summer Reading Lists. The lists are incredibly organized this year, with key codes to help you find books from a series, award winners and more. Jake is a huge Captain Underpants fan. While he’s read all of those books, I am always looking for other types of similarly funny series for him to read.

I really love the printables for parents and kids too. While the Reading Log is super handy, there’s this awesome One Hand Review sheet that inspires kids to think about the things they liked about the book, what they wish would have happened and more. In fact, I’m going to start using the sheet for my own book reviews! Hey, if it’s easy enough for a kid, it’s perfect for a busy book reviewer, right?

Honestly, there are so many amazing resources on the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge website for parents that it’s impossible to pick just one or two that I love the most. Hang out with us this summer as we read our way to the stars! I hope you’ll join us and share your child’s progress!

Will your child be taking part in the Scholastic Summer Reading Challenge?