Tips to Make Your Family Move Less Stressful

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Moving is hard on everyone, especially your kids. They have to pack up the only world they’ve known and go to a place they are unfamiliar with. As a parent, you already know how stressful it can be on your kids and you want to help them with the transition any way you can. Having to move can be tough, but you can ease some of the burden on your family. Here are 4 tips you can use to help make the transition of moving a little easier on the whole family.

1.   Have a discussion

So you’ve told the kids you are moving and they did not take it too well. First, give them a minute to process their emotions. Once they have had a cooling off period, call a family meeting. Explain the nature of the move in terms that they can understand. Talk about the new location and give them details on what to expect. If possible, take them to the new area so they can get a sense of what they are getting into. Also, allow them to feel whatever it is they are feeling. Moving is a big deal, so it is best to keep an open mind when it comes to your child’s feelings on the subject. By opening that line of communication and giving them an outlet to voice their opinions, you can dissuade a lot of the apprehension they may be feeling towards the move.

2.  Have a Moving Sale

One of the biggest challenges of moving is transporting a house full of belongings. A simple solution to unload some of the expendable items is to hold a moving sale. Arranging a moving sale does not have to be difficult. Get on a few social media sites to promote your upcoming sale. You can also utilize signs around your neighborhood. Enlist the help of your family and a few friends to move the items to your lawn. Keep your inventory looking buyer friendly by organizing the items so that buyers can easily look through the sale. By holding a moving sale, you can alleviate the burden of moving items you do not use on a regular basis, while making a few extra bucks.

3.  Hire Quality Movers

While moving, it is best to leave the tough stuff to the professionals. Your family already has to deal with moving to a different location. Trying to pack and move everything on your own is only going to make the situation that much more stressful. Instead of trying to do it by yourself, try looking for professionals like United Van Lines movers. They can help you with all your moving needs, taking a load off of your shoulders. Whether you are moving near or far, you will be sure to get a reasonable quote. So do your homework and hire movers who know what they are doing. Your family and your blood pressure will thank you.

4.  Plan a Going Away Party

One of the toughest parts about moving for kids is that they have to leave their friends. It can be difficult for your children to relocate to a new place. They may feel like starting over can be hard and are unsure of how they will do at a new school. Throwing a Going Away party can help your children adjust to a move significantly. Let them be involved with the planning of the party so that they feel a part of the process. By having their friends over for one last hurrah, they can have a nice ending to their current chapter and feel comfortable starting a new one. Of course, it is always nice if you are able to have them visit their old friends once in a while too. Help your children transition to their new life by celebrating their old one.

Moving is hard whether you are a kid or an adult. You are faced with the situation of moving to an unfamiliar place and then trying to build a pleasant life after the fact. Though it can be stressful, you can have a successful move without too much fuss. Talk to your family about the move and answer their questions as best as possible. Sell the items that you will not need to lighten the load. Hire professional movers to ensure that all goes smoothly. Have a phenomenal going away party with your loved ones to kick off the move in a positive way. By taking these steps, you can help your family transition to their new home fairly quickly.