Coolest Alice in Wonderland Gifts|
You know that I am a massive Alice in Wonderland fan, right? I think I’ve mentioned it many times before. With my birthday coming up in less than two weeks, I thought I’d share some gifts on my wish list up until that magical day! I’m turning 22 for the, um, let me do the math, 17th time? Oh, whatever, I’m turning 39. One more year before the big 4-0. Age is totally subjective anyway. I don’t believe in linear time, so as far as I’m concerned, I’m 1, 100 and 21 all at once!

Anyway, back to the Alice in Wonderland gifts that I really want! This post contains affiliate links. You know what that means, right? If you click through and buy something, it’s like giving me a birthday present! No pressure though.

Alice in Wonderland Gifts I need Now

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Alice in Wonderland Teapot:This gorgeous porcelain features Alice, Mad Hatter, March Hare and Cheshire Cat design on two sides. It has fancy gold trim accents. Honestly, it’s way too pretty to make tea in, so I’d just display it as part of my collection (I have  pretty awesome Alice in Wonderland tea set collection, featuring many pieces that I got in Japan years ago).

Alice in Wonderland Dish Towel Set: If you have to dry dishes, you might as well do it with fun towels, right? Don’t you just love the contrast between Alice’s innocent curiosity in the white towel and the Queen’s loud attitude in the checkerboard towel?

Alice in Wonderland Mad Tea Party Snowglobe: I know it sounds cheesy, but I collect snow globes. I not only have the touristy ones from places I’ve visited, but also super pretty ones that I’ve received as gifts over the years. I don’t have an Alice in Wonderland snow globe yet though! You can manually spin the teacup base to see all the details.

Alice in Wonderland Catchall – We’re All Mad: The first item in the second row of the collage is this cool little catchall. It’s made of glass and features iconic illustrations and quotations from the classic tale’s 1865 first edition. You can choose from several different designs, although this one is my favorite. The catchall is perfect for keeping track of your keys, jewelry, spare change or other small objects.

Wonderland Knee High Socks: Did I ever tell you about my weird obsession with knee high socks? Aside from during the summer when I’m wearing shorts, I wear knee highs pretty much all the time. Even to bed! These would be perfect as part of a Wonderland-character costume or on their own with a skirt.

Alice in Wonderland iPhone Case: So, here’s some exciting news: I’m finally joining the smartphone revolution! I’m getting an iPhone! Now I need a cool iPhone case. I think this one is just perfect for me. Of course, I’ll probably get like 20 of them and switch them out on a whim!

Alice in Wonderland ”A Mad Tea Party” Giclée by Rob Kaz On the pricier side of my list, you’ll find this gorgeous piece of art that I can hang on my wall. It’s a Limited Edition of 1500, so only 1499 other people in the world would have it. I have no idea what a Giclée is, but it sounds fancy! Surely it is classier than the Alice in Wonderland poster I currently have adorning my bedroom wall.

Alice in Wonderland Black Contessa Shoes Who the heck am I kidding? I’d fall flat on my face wearing those! I can barely walk in a small wedge heel. Heck, I can barely walk in flats! Still, they’re pretty darn cool, aren’t they? I could always just stay seated while wearing them!

Kirks Folly Alice in Wonderland Pin/Enhancer Necklace All the Alice in Wonderland stuff that I have, and I don’t have any jewelry! You can wear it as a pin or dangle it from a its chain. The Cheshire Cat, roses from the Red Queen’s garden, and shimmering aurora borealis crystals dangle from Alice’s party dress.

I’d be totally thrilled with any of the great Alice in Wonderland gifts! Honestly, I’d be happy with anything Alice at all. Which is your favorite Alice in Wonderland gift idea?