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When did dolls get so cool? When I was a kid, the most advanced talking doll involved pulling a string on the back to hear one of three eerie phrases. Any other interaction with them was entirely in your head. Now, kids have awesome dolls that can actually converse with them, like Chatsters™ Gabby!

What is Chatsters™ Gabby?

Gabby is a totally sassy, silly, hip doll that your daughter can take on the go. She  is a “friend” that really plays with you. She responds to her accessories, asks you questions, plays games, even wants your advice! When you play with Gabby, her eyes animate, her lips light up and start moving. She starts talking and really comes to life (figuratively speaking, she doesn’t actually start breathing and eating all your food like a live friend, that would just be creepy).

Gabby has so many cool features. Aside from those mentioned above, a few of my favorites include:

  • Her ability to recognize six fun accessories that unlock mini-games, jokes and makeovers.
  • She says over 300 words and knows just how to cheer up her sad friends.
  • Gabby knows over 25 games and can’t wait to play them with your daughter!
  • You can download the free app and even get calls and texts from Gabby!

I’m really excited about Gabby because I finally have a little girl to buy dolls for! You’ve “met” my super cute, insanely adorable, beyond amazing niece, Abbie, right? If you haven’t, let me refresh your memory with a picture of her royal cuteness (playing with my own little royal cuteness, Jacob)

Chatsters™ Gabby: Your Daughter's New Portable Best Friend

Abbie may be a little young for Chatsters™ Gabby right now, but that won’t stop me from buying up every cute girl toy I can find to stockpile for when she gets older! As much as I love being a “boy” mom, I really love that I have a niece to play with too. I miss playing with dolls!

Have you checked out the Chatsters™ yet? Who would you buy Gabby for?


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