Jacob and I received complimentary iFrogz Tadpole Bluetooth Speakers to facilitate the review. All opinions are our own.

Tadpole Bluetooth Speakers fit in your hand, yet deliver great sound!

Remember when we were kids, if we wanted to take our music on the go we either needed huge, clunky radios (I never liked the term “boom box”) or ginormous headphones attached to a Walkman? Kids have it so much easier now! Bluetooth speakers are getting smaller and smaller, with the iFrogz Tadpole coming in at among the itty bittiest! Yet the sound that comes out of these tiny devices is just amazing!

Tadpole fits in your hand, delivers fantastic sound

Tadpole Bluetooth Speakers fit in your hand, yet deliver great sound!

As you can see, the Tadpole is small enough to fit in the palm of your child’s hand. Yet the sound that it delivers is crisp, clear and amazing quality. Jacob was the first in the house to try it out. I charged it on his computer with the included USB charger. That didn’t take long at all. Then we paired it with his tablet to see what that baby could do.

Pairing it with his tablet was a cinch. The two seemed destined to find each other as soon as I enabled Bluetooth on the device. The iFrogz Tadpole works with any Bluetooth 3.0 device. I don’t even think I had to push any buttons if I recall. If I did, it only took a second. Once paired, the sound that would typically come out of the tablet’s weak little speakers instead came out of the Tadpole. Jacob then set about testing its range.

We discovered that the Tadpole has a pretty decent range! Jacob made it all the way down the hall and steps from his room before losing the sound. I have no idea of the distance, but I’d say a good 15 feet. Maybe more. I am horrible at judging distance. The great thing is, the sound stays steady right up until you get out of range. No static or diminished quality that you would expect from further away from the device.

Jacob loves the iFrogz Tadpole because it makes it easier for him to listen to music and instructions from videos on his tablet. He often uses videos to teach himself how to do things in Minecraft and other games. With the Tadpole, he can hear what they’re saying much better. Plus, he can sit the tablet on the table, then clip the Tadpole to his pants to hear the instructions. He also loves listening to music while he’s playing on the XBOX.

Techie Specs for the Tadpole

For you techies, here are the specs:

  • Two+ hours of music per charge, depending on how loud you play the music
  • 1 Watt slim profile speaker
  • Battery: 200mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Dimensions: 2.67″ x 0.43″ x 1.38″ (68mm x 11mm x 35mm)
  • Weight: 0.7 ounces. As you can see, it weighs virtually nothing.

Tadpole Pranks Contest

Right now, iFrogz is running a really cool Tadpole Pranks contest! Andrew Hales, a famous YouTube prankster will personally choose his favorite prank video. The creator will win an awesome prize package featuring, among other things, a 16GB iPad Air and fun iFrogz gear. Check out all the details on the site and enter by 7/31. I have to get my son on this, he LOVES pranks! In April, he turned April Fools Day into a full week of pranks.

Head to iFrogz to check out the Tadpole and other cool gadgets that they offer. The Tadpole retails for just $19.99!

Where would you use your Tadpole? At home? On the go? Tell me in the comments!