My dogs and I (but mostly my dogs) received complimentary Milo’s Kitchen Treats and a gift card in exchange for this post. All opinions are my own…or my dogs’.


Do your pooches love treats? That’s a dumb question, of course they do! Have they tried Milo’s Kitchen yet? If not, why not take them on a puppy date to a Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck? Why should humans be the only ones who get to go to food trucks?

Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck

This summer, Milo’s Kitchen is hitting the road and may be coming to a location near you! Your dog is invited to try free samples of Milo’s Kitchen® treats so you can figure out which varieties will have your four-legged friend begging for more. That’s not all though! The Treat Truck features fun activities for you and your pup, including family portraits. You can join in on the fun by finding a Milo Treat Truck Location in your area.

Take Your Dog on a Date to the Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck

Milo’s KitchenTreats are made in the U.S.A with real chicken or beef as the first ingredient. They contain no artificial colors or flavors. They’re made with the same quality of ingredients you’d expect to find in YOUR food. Varieties include:  Chicken Meatballs, Beef Sausage Slices with Rice, Steak Grillers Recipe, Chicken Grillers Recipe, Grilled Burger Bites, and Chicken Jerky Recipe.


Can’t make it to the Treat Truck? You can still enjoy Milo’s Kitchen at home! When our package arrived, my dogs went nuts! They started sniffing the box before I even got it open! I told them the same thing I tell Jake when something arrives for him: I need pictures first! Dogs are not very patient!

Take Your Dog on a Date to the Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck

I set the treats on the floor to see what my dogs would do. Cooper took a sniff and tried to wait patiently.

Take Your Dog on a Date to the Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck

Maia is far less patient. She figures that, at 12 years old, she shouldn’t have to wait for humans to get around to giving her stuff anymore. So she tried grabbing the bag and taking off with it.

Take Your Dog on a Date to the Milo’s Kitchen Treat Truck

“All the treats are belong to Maia!”

Finally, I opened the bag. Honestly, this all lasted maybe a minute, it’s not like I was making them wait an eternity! I tried to get a picture of them sitting calmly waiting for their treats. This is what I got instead:

Milo's Kitchen Cooper Closeup

“Put weird soul-stealing contraption down and give Cooper treats now, crazy human”

Yes, it’s a bit fuzzy, but he was literally RIGHT in my face there! He ran out of patience with the camera. I put it down and rewarded them for being such good sports about the whole thing. They have since eaten almost all their Milo’s Kitchen Treats and I will need to go get more soon!

Visit the Milo’s Kitchen website to learn more, and follow Milo’s Kitchen on Facebook to keep up with exciting news from the Treat Truck!


Milo’s Kitchen Giveaway

Enter below for a chance to win a gift pack that includes: three varieties of Milo’s Kitchen® dog treats and a $25 VISA gift card. Giveaway is open to US residents age 18+. It ends on July 28th.

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