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Febreeze air effects

Did you know that you can become Noseblind to odors in your home? Basically, you are so used to smelling them that your brain decides they’re not important. Eventually, you have no idea that there is an odor in your house! I kind of knew that, but never really gave it a whole lot of thought. Since we’re having a ton of guests over this weekend, I wanted to get a couple of my close friends to do a “Noseblind test” with me to make sure my house is ready. We’ve been cleaning a lot, so I figured it should have been good to go!

Noseblind test reveals hidden odors

Here’s the thing: I have two old dogs, and they have that “old dog” smell (or so I’m told). I also have a house full of carpets, which absorb odors like there’s no tomorrow! For the Noseblind test, we had ourselves a little movie night get-together. We made buttery popcorn and watched some Buffy the Vampire Slayer (because I’m still on that kick!). Before settling in, I made them take surveys online saying how they thought my house smelled. They weren’t supposed to share that with me until the end of the night.

What I discovered is, as I mentioned, the “old dog” odor is a bit prolific. Since I’m not getting rid of my dogs, I need to find a way to get rid of that odor! That’s where Febreze came in.

Febreze saves you from Noseblind embarrassment

Febreze makes so many great products that can help eliminate odors in your home, including those you don’t even know exist! I wanted to see how fast Febreze could freshen my home. I started by spraying the Febreze Fabric Refresher on my sofa, where my pups often sit. Next, I used the Febreze Air Effects room spray. This worked the fasted, in my opinion. It not only replaces the odors without something nicer, it completely refreshes the air in the entire house. Even if you somehow manage to not have a single odor in your home, this is still a great product to use!

Being #Noseblind Can Cause Embarassment! Febreze Can Help!

My favorite of the Febreze products is the NOTICEables plug-ins. These don’t have quite the immediate effect as the sprays, but they last a really long time. I love that it alternates scents so you don’t get bored of the same one! Plus, it makes each refill last longer. I also love that it’s pretty unassuming, so it doesn’t clash with decor.

Being #Noseblind Can Cause Embarassment! Febreze Can Help!

Overall, my guests said that the old dog odor wasn’t noticeable after using the Febreze products! So now I know before I start my big party this weekend, I’ll spray and refresh the place with Febreze! Learn more about being Noseblind and how Febreze can help!

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Being #Noseblind Can Cause Embarassment! Febreze Can Help!

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What odors do you think you may be Noseblind to in your home?