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2014 American Century Championships: Profits with a Purpose #ACCgolf #GiveLikeJim

 2014 American Century Championships: Profits with a Purpose

Photo Credit: Rich Etolen

My ex-husband (and still good friend) Rich is a huge fan of golf- both playing and watching.  His dad was actually in some type of championship game years ago. While I’ve never been any good at the game itself (I can’t even cheat well and throw my ball far!), I am always impressed by how active professional golfers are when it comes to raising funds for great causes. The 2014 American Century Championships is a great example. In fact, Rich and his Dad had the chance to check out the American Century Championships a few years ago in Tahoe. He got to meet some really cool golf celebrities! The celebrity golf tournament is part of American Century Investment’s Profits with a Purpose vision.

American Century: Profits with a Purpose

Stowers Medical

American Century Investment Profits with a Purpose is pretty much what it sounds like: profits that help others. In fact, through the ownership structure of American Century Investments, more than 40% of the profits go to supporting the Stowers Institute for Medical Research.  Jim Stowers, the founder of the company, originally set out to provide an investment company that would help people find a better sense of financial well-being. Although he was reaching his goal, he wanted to do something more.

Both Jim and his wife, Virginia, are cancer survivors. Jim wanted to give back in a way that went beyond money. The Stowers Institute for Medical Research does just that. It’s main mission is to research and uncover “the causes, treatment, and prevention of gene-based diseases.” There are thousands of gene-based diseases that affect the quality of life for millions of Americans.

Since opening in 2000, the Stowers Institute for Medical Research has spent over $1 billion on research. With a team of world-class scientists and an impressive 10-acre campus, they’re one of the largest privately funded medical research centers in the United States.

While some traditional biotech or pharmaceutical companies shy away from research that the consider too risky, too small or too early to worry about, BioMed Valley Discoveries, a research and development organization established by the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, dives right in. Several friends of mine have different types of rather rare genetic disorders. Finding information on these disorders is challenging enough, let alone finding doctors who understand them. I think the work that Stowers Institute for Medical Research does is so important.

With new gene-based diseases being discovered every year, I’m glad to know that there are people like Jim Stowers and his Institute to help.

Have you ever watched the American Century Championships?