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Have you tried new Silk Protein + Fiber® yet? It’s pretty amazing! Why? Well, aside from the fact that it’s yummy, it solves the age-old problem of a lack of protein in regular almond milk. Well, maybe not an “age-old” problem, but you get it! New Silk Protein + Fiber® has 5 grams of protein in every serving. It also has 5 grams of fiber! The big question, of course, is how does it taste? Let’s find out!

Start Your Day Deliciously with Silk Protein + Fiber® #SilkProteinFiber

Silk Protein + Fiber® Taste Test with World’s Pickiest Child

First, yes, I am claiming the title of World’s Pickiest Child for my son because, we’ll I’m pretty sure it fits. I dare you to find me a pickier child. He’s worse than me, and my mom has some stories about just how picky I am! We tried the Vanilla flavor of  Silk Protein + Fiber®. Getting Jake to try new things is a bit of a challenge, but he’s really good at doing it when he knows it’s for my site. He’s a good little blogger’s child, isn’t he? Check out his “as seen on TV” face (that’s what he calls it).

Start Your Day Deliciously with Silk Protein + Fiber®  #SilkProteinFiber

Ok, enough posing with the product, right? Time to drink up!

Start Your Day Deliciously with Silk Protein + Fiber® #SilkProteinFiber

The verdict? He liked it! By golly, he actually liked it!

How to Really Enjoy Your  Silk Protein + Fiber®

While  Silk Protein + Fiber® is definitely enjoyable on its own, I noticed that it does taste best when it’s really cold. I tried it after I got home from the store. It was a hot day and even though it was a ten-minute drive, my  Silk Protein + Fiber® did get a bit warm. I tried it right away, then again after it was colder. Definitely better cold!

I also tried my  Silk Protein + Fiber® in a smoothie, along with bananas and blueberries. That was fantastic! It gave my smoothie a fuller flavor. Then I thought “I wonder how it tastes in coffee?” You know I love my coffee, right? It tasted great!

Bottom line, if you find that you’re not a fan of Silk straight up, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy it. Personally, I really liked it fresh from the fridge, as did Jake.

Try Silk Protein + Fiber® for yourself!

Use the store locator to find a store in your area that carries new  Silk Protein + Fiber®. Better yet, head to and grab a coupon to sample it! I think you’ll really love it.

Have you tried new  Silk Protein + Fiber® yet? What is your favorite Silk product?
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