I received a complimentary YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

Ice Cream Ball in Box

Have you ever made your own ice-cream? It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. I even bought a whole maker! I just never got around to using it because I always forget to freeze the chamber first.  With YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball, you don’t have to freeze anything before hand. You DO need rock salt and ice, but that’s easy enough to find (once you look up rock salt and figure out what the heck it is. Hey, I’m no culinary genius, remember?).

Make Ice-Cream on the Go!

Ice Cream Ball YayLabs


The cool thing about YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball is that it lets kids be active while they’re making their sweet treat. See, in order to make the ice-cream, you have to shake, rattle and roll the ball! Just don’t kick it or throw it, it’s not that kind of ball! After about twenty minutes of action, you’ll have sweet, delicious homemade ice-cream! Plus, since it doesn’t plug in, you can make ice cream anytime, anywhere. Take it camping, to family outings or to a picnic in the park.

To make your ice-cream, simply put rock salt and ice in one chamber, and your ingredients in the other. Oh, before I forget, when you get your YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball, open the chambers to find the instructions. I looked everywhere before I thought to do that! You’ll end up with about a pint of yummy ice-cream! The consistency depends on how long you shake it for. It’s like soft-serve for the most part. I put sprinkles on mine!

Yaylabs ice cream

Using the YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball is so easy and such fun that you’ll want to make your own ice cream all the time! The instructions come with easy recipes to get you started. Vanilla is the easiest with only three ingredients: cream, vanilla extract and sugar. With that base, you can make tons of other flavors. Coffee is next on my list to try! Also, if you opt to use, say, Coconut Milk or something else, it will take longer to make.

YayLabs! Facebook Giveaway

Want to win an ice cream package from YayLabs!? They are giving away 25 prize packages that include: a SoftShell ice cream ball, a Zak Designs ice cream bowl, a Light My Fire Spork, and an Organic Valley 1 Free Product Coupon. Here is the link to the giveaway: https://a.pgtb.me/k5lHGJ. Check it out and enter!

What flavor would you make with your YayLabs! Ice Cream Ball?