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Bring on the Color with Monroe and Main | Fall Color|

Gorgeous color never goes out of style! At Monroe and Main, you’ll find plenty of fun pops of color to breathe life into your wardrobe! I have my own interesting relationship with color. See, ever since I was 14, I’ve been a punk rock kind of girl. For many years, that meant mostly black clothes. In fact, the only color you would really see on me was in my hair!  Then I hit my 30s and realized that being a punk rock girl has nothing to do with your clothes so much as your attitude. I started gravitating to more fun colors, expanding my wardrobe choices and even ditching my black purse for something a bit more fun! Now, I’m all about color. Mind you, I still prefer darker tones to bright and frilly, but color finally has a permanent place in my wardrobe.

Color Pops at Monroe and Main!

Pretty Opinionated Featured Picture

Pay no attention to the crazy hair, it was mad humid here this week!

See those pretty green boots up there? They’re the Double Buckle Flap Bootie from  Monroe and Main. Let me tell you a secret: I have NEVER owned a pair of stylish boots. Ever. The only boots I’ve ever owned are a boring pair of black snow boots that I use to shovel the massive amounts of white stuff that falls on my driveway. As I get older (I’m in my last year of my 30s!), I am starting to pay more attention to style. Trying to look more like a grown-up finally, I guess! When I was surfing through the options, these boots screamed “pick me, pick me!”

Boots 2

The first pair I received were a bit small (if you were here the other day, you’ll recall I promised an updated picture). I went a half a size up and they’re perfect. I did fall down my steps on Sunday night and twisted my toes and ankle, so I had to wait for the swelling to go down a bit. While that caused a small challenge of getting them on, once on I was happy to find that they are supportive. I love the soft faux suede material. It’s just warm enough to keep my ankles warm without feeling like I’m smothering. I do recommend wearing thin socks with them though when it’s warmer our.  Aren’t the double buckles adorable?

Bring on the Color with Monroe and Main

Let’s talk about the heel and ground-gripping sole! I am a klutz and don’t do well in any sort of spiky heel, so I was really thrilled to find something that gave me a bit of a lift without causing me to fall embarrassingly on my face. I love that these boots are both stylish and practical. Living in the Poconos means dealing with snow, ice and other slippery conditions (did you know wet leaves in the fall are just as dangerous as an icy driveway?). As I said, I am a bit on the klutzy side, so I NEED something that helps my feet stay firmly planted on the ground!

Celebrate the Colors of the Season

Looking for more gorgeous ways to celebrate the colors of the season? Fall is my favorite season because of all the rich, dark hues. Monroe and Main has so many fun ways to bring those colors into your wardrobe. In fact, it was really a challenge to choose my favorite piece from their collection! Take a look at a few of my other favorites:

Bring on the Color with Monroe and Main

Monroe and Main Fall Color Giveaway


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