5 Inexpensive but Dramatic Home Decor Moves

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These days everyone is careful with spending their money and each one of us is looking for ways to get more and more value for every dollar spent. Spending on home décor is probably the last thing on your mind because that is supposed to entail huge costs. Or is it?

Some of us, however, enjoy experimenting with and doing up the home décor in different ways. A lot of people want to change their home décor every once in a while just to bring in a little change of scene in their lives. It’s easier and more convenient than traveling around. Fortunately, these changes can be made all over the house without breaking the bank.

Decorating your home can be easy and quick. From having theme-based rooms, adding or subtracting key pieces of furniture, to painting your walls in an unconventional color, it’s all about incorporating drama and using a bit of imagination. Eventually, it should make you feel at home and keep you happy without overshooting your budget.

Mentioned ahead are 5 economical, yet dramatic home décor ideas that can make your home go from drab to fab.

Change the Lighting

5 Inexpensive but Dramatic Home Decor Moves

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We all know how proper lighting can lend a charm to a room. Why not make use of this knowledge and give the room some perspective by simply changing the lights and lamps or by just changing the shades?

To add a warm glow to a room, choose red-colored shades, as they can make the room feel warm, comfortable, and inviting. For a brighter effect, yellow or white shades would do wonders, as they would open up the room and make it seem bigger and more cheerful. If you do not like bright lights, you could add a dimmer to them.

While you’re at it, might as well try moving the lamps around from time to time to make the room interesting and illuminating it differently. You could also keep changing the shades and trying them in various colors and quirky designs. That’s an easy and a low-cost way of sprucing up your home in no time.

Paint the Ceiling

5 Inexpensive but Dramatic Home Decor Moves

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Look around you. What do you see? I bet your answer to this question is ‘walls.’ You can do something interesting with the walls of your home, but then again, that’s passé. If you’re thinking of something dramatic, might as well take it a notch higher (literally). I’m talking about painting your ceiling.

You could create a contrast in doing so. Look around you again. If you find yourself surrounded by boring beige/cream walls, then consider painting your ceiling in a darker shade like a deep red, pink, or blue.

Alternatively, if you do not want to paint your ceiling, paint one of the walls in a striking color instead to make it a 3-against-1 theme. It all depends on the effect you’re looking to create. Darker colors will make the room appear smaller but cozier, while lighter colors will make the room look bigger and brighter.

Invest in Abstract Art

5 Inexpensive but Dramatic Home Decor Moves

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Looking for an instant fix to your home décor’s creativity-related issues? This is the simplest way out. Adding a modern artwork to your space will not only give it more personality, but also make it appear more vibrant, thereby brightening up the room’s interior.

Apart from being a great way of expressing yourself and personalizing your space, an abstract artwork will also serve as a great conversation piece when guests come over. And of course the compliments about how wonderful your taste in art is and how beautiful it makes the room look are other bonuses!

Either create an abstract masterpiece yourself or invest in a readymade one. Get it framed and hang it on your empty wall(s) to add an element of glamor to the room.

Add a Rug

5 Inexpensive but Dramatic Home Decor Moves

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A good rug, if placed well, can add a lot of character to a room. You can place it under the bed to make your bedroom look cozier, under the coffee table to make your living room look more inviting, and/or under the dining table, especially if you keep it in your open kitchen to spruce it up a tad.

Rugs add a rustic charm to any room and several home-décor experts consider them as important as the paint on your walls. And they’re so versatile. Not only do they add color and energy to your interior décor, they also help by making your feet feel warm and comfortable when stepping out of bed, especially during the cold winter mornings.

Move the Furniture Around

5 Inexpensive but Dramatic Home Decor Moves

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The most obvious, but also the most unpredictable way to keep things interesting at home – move the furniture from one spot to another! Keep the fun and adventure at home going by rearranging your furniture as and when you please.

Depending on your mood, move items around until you’re satisfied with the results. Maybe the desk would look better in front of a window rather than a wall.  Or have you ever thought of how your couch would look placed near the fireplace rather than away from it?


Changing the look of your home is now a matter of minutes. Plus, you need not shell out thousands of dollars to make your home look great! The above mentioned tips are not just easy to try, but also offer immense value for money. So go ahead, give them a try and let me know if you have more such useful pointers.