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I’ve been thinking more and more about enrolling my son in an online school. I find that a “traditional” school setting just isn’t cutting it for Jacob, especially since his school is putting less and less emphasis on student relationships.

See, relationships formed in school play a large role in how well your child learns. Kids learn as much from each other as they do from their teachers…if not more! I also think every child learns differently, and the public school model doesn’t really understand that. I realize that they have limitations and can’t teach to every child’s learning style. Provost Academy, however, CAN cater to your child’s particular way of learning.

Provost Academy: The UnVirtual Online School

One of my biggest concerns with enrolling Jake in an online school is the lack of interaction with peers. In fact, of all the parents I’ve talked to who are considering the move, this is always the number one concern.Provost Academy South Carolina has found a way to completely eliminate that concern!

Provost Academy is an online public school, which means it’s free for kids to attend. It’s also accredited, which means the diploma your child earns at graduation is recognized by colleges and the military. What makes them truly stand out is how much care they put into making sure children have opportunities to learn from each other.


The teachers and other educational staff at Provost Academy are incredibly dedicated to their students. They truly care about the entire learning process, not just the processes that help students get high scores on state tests. An important part of that learning process is finding ways to encourage kids to learn anywhere, to get valuable lessons from something as simple as a walk in a park or a gathering with friends.

Get social at Provost Academny

Want to know My UnVirtual School Idea? I think getting kids together for educational trips is a great way to promote learning and the development of friendships!

Visit #MyUnVirtualSchool to learn more!

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