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It’s all about highlighting your eyes this season, and I for one am not complaining! If you love your kohl pencil more than your gloss stick, you’re going to love the trends this autumn. Theatrical and dramatic eyes are the look to aspire to. Lending a romantic charm to them are shimmery eye shades, long lashes, and tousled hair. Here are some of the hottest trends off the runways, along with our suggestions on how to make the most of them.

Trend#1. Defined Eyes

Look Stunning and Trendy This Fall with Our Makeup Tips

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This may just be the time to perfect your cat eye or winged eyeliner. Lining your eyes with perfection and precision is going to make you look not just beautiful, but also on-trend.

How to rock the look:

  • If you haven’t yet learned the art of highlighting your eyes to the best of your ability, here’s a great time to start. Line both the lids, line only one of them, tightline your eyes, go heavy or go subtle. There are many ways to define your eyes. But definition takes practice, so be patient.
  • The L’oreal Colour Riche eyeliner in black brown is my go-to eye-lining tool these days. It glides on smoothly and stays on forever, giving me a lot of freedom to experiment with my looks. Some prefer to work with eye brushes, I don’t. Some prefer liquid eyeliners, while others swear by gel eyeliners. There’s no set way to go about this. But if you have very oily skin, I’d recommend staying away from glossy eyeliners. Dip your push line brush into a black eyeshadow instead and use that to line your eyes. Less chances of smudging.
  • If you have hooded or droopy eyes, avoid heavy lining. Tightlining may be a better option for you.
  • Go for a light look during the day. But pile it on for drama in the evenings.

If you are still struggling with keeping your hand steady when lining your eyes, this quick tutorial may help you:

Trend#2. Metallic Eye-Shadow

Look Stunning and Trendy This Fall with Our Makeup Tips


Smokey eye lovers, did you really need a reason to bring on your favorite look? Metallic hues are a rage all over the world, and not just in fashion circles either. Did you know they are among the hottest trends in interior décor as well this year? Golden, silver, bronze, green, blue, the eye-shadow palette is your oyster.

How to rock the look:

  • Because it is sexy and intense, this look is recommended strictly for the evenings. You don’t want to step out in the sun with metallic shades framing your eyes.
  • Glam up the simplest of outfits with perfectly kohl-lined eyes and a touch of bronze eye-shadow. Take care if you are going to apply that color on your lower lid too; if it smudges you’ll end up looking like you’ve got a swollen eye. If you want to go heavy with eye makeup, keep the rest of your makeup subdued.
  • Metallic green and grey are also lovely shades to play with, especially suited to women with deep-seated eyes. But for Asian beauties and all those in general whose eyes aren’t as deep-seated, we recommend going light with metallic shades, and light eye makeup in general, because you just don’t need a lot of it to highlight your eyes.
  • You can also choose to highlight only your lower lid with a metallic eyeshadow. Silver works beautifully for this purpose.
  • Brush your eyelashes with a metallic shade of mascara or eye-shadow, and watch your lover’s jaw drop.
  • Keep perfecting your smokey eye!

Trend#3. Heavy Lashes

These are a perennial favorite with women, absolutely never go out of style. Who doesn’t like the idea of fluttering long, thick, and curved eyelashes at their lover, a la Mini Mouse? Romantic and innocent, yet sexy and seductive. Long and voluminous lashes are a hot item this season, with models on runways all over the world seen sporting this look.

How to rock the look:

Just let your inner woman lead you!

  • Buy voluminous mascara or fake eyelashes. Go easy on the rest of the makeup for an effortlessly charming day look. Prep your skin for a fresh glow. A touch of baby pink on your lips, a hint of blush on your cheeks, and loose wavy hair falling on your shoulders — you may well end up being the girl of everybody’s dreams!
  • For nights, go light on your eyeliner and eyeshadow and focus on framing your eyes with thick lashes instead.
  • Line the lips perfectly and fill in with a slightly glossy color, something that stays on as you progress through the night. A matte lipstick may dry out your lips, and likely neutralize the magic of your long eyelashes.

Trend#4. Au Naturale

So here we have been talking about shiny colors, dramatic eyes, and seductive long lashes, so much so that the very suggestion to go nude (makeup-wise) seems preposterous to make.

And yet, it’s not. In fact, you’d still be trendy, and not just stunning, if you played down the makeup and focused on a glowing face instead.

On days you get tired from applying and having to remove makeup, or simply out of ideas, remember, a fresh-faced beauty is a joy forever.


The aim of makeup is to make you look gorgeous. Some of us have eyes that don’t really need much highlighting, since they are naturally prominent. Don’t start piling on eye-shadow just because it’s in. All the tips here are so that you can further enhance your looks.

If you feel non-committal about spending a lot on a new product, try out the cheaper drug store versions first or order freebies off the Web. That will give you a better idea of what would work the best for you. It’s all about experimenting really, so find what does the trick for you and have fun!

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