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Tips to Stay Healthy During Cold & Allergy Season

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Fall packs a double-whammy for me and my son. First, we both have dreadful fall allergies. The leaves haven’t even started changing yet and I can already feel them coming on. Every day for the last week I’ve woken up sneezing my head off. I joke that I’m allergic to mornings (which could very well be true), but I know it’s the start of my fall allergies. Then, on top of allergies, with back-to-school season comes back-to-colds season. Half the time I can’t tell if I’m suffering from allergies or a rhinovirus!

So what’s a girl on a budget to do when the double-whammy hits? Let me tell you!

How to Stay Healthier During the Double-Whammy Cold & Allergy Season

  • Clean house! I have a house full of carpets, which means days full of sneezing. I swear, next time I move, no carpets! They trap every single allergen you can imagine. Start by tackling those with a deep cleaning and shampooing. If you can pull them all up and toss them, more power to you. Otherwise, keep up with vacuuming regularly during allergy season. Dust regularly too. As for cold prevention, we use Clorox Wipes like crazy on every hard surface. The clean and disinfect.
  • Wash your hands. I know you’re tired of seeing this on every single list of tips to deal with colds, but it goes for allergies too! Think about all the pollen, dust and other gunk your hands are exposed to every day. Then think about how your eyeballs will feel after you rub all that gunk right into them! Trust me, I’ve been dealing with itchy, watery eyes all week. Washing your hands frequently not only cuts down on germs that cause colds, but also on allergens.

Tips to Stay Healthy During Cold & Allergy Season

  • Stock on on the right medicine. Sadly, this is something I usually forget about until I absolutely need it, which is typically in the middle of the night. Or when I’m so miserable that leaving the house is a nightmare. Do yourself a favor now and go get your favorite allergy medicine. While you’re at it, pick up some cold & flu medicine, just in case! I stocked up on Zyrtec for both me and Jacob, plus grabbed a box of Tylenol Cold & Flu.

Tips to Stay Healthy During Cold & Allergy Season

  • Get plenty of protein. Protein is the building block for just about everything in our body, so it stands to reason that making sure you get enough will help keep you healthier. This is especially important when you’re sick! Protein bars and shakes- like Six Star brand- are a great way to make sure you’re getting enough on those days when you’re too busy to sit down to a big meal.
  • Pay attention to the news. I check the pollen count and forecast before leaving the house during allergy season. I also pay close attention to reports from the CDC. Mostly because I’m a total nerd when it comes to viruses, but also because it gives you a good idea of what types of bugs are running rampant in your area. If you’re prone to catching every bug, this is great information.

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What do you do to prevent allergies and colds? Tell me in the comments!