Tummy Stuffers Make Clean Up Time Fun!


A few months ago, my son came downstairs and told me that if I got him Tummy Stuffers, he’d actually clean his room. He had just seen the ad on television. He’s always had a fascination for “as seen on TV” items. When the chance to review one came up, Jacob told me to go for it. He promised, again, that it would make clean up easier. Well, technically, they DO make cleaning your child’s room go faster, but honestly, he was more into snuggling with it than actually following through with cleaning! Still, he loves his Tummy Stuffer, so I call that a win!

Cleaning up with Tummy Stuffers

Tummy Stuffers Make Clean Up Time Fun!

When your Tummy Stuffers arrives, it’s a little on the flat side. Even in this unstuffed stage, it’s still fun to cuddle with! Jacob and I wanted to see just how much we could fit into the dog’s belly, so we grabbed one of his fleece blankets. Jacob started stuffing while I made encouraging (okay, annoying) “yum yum yum” noises. I was told to knock it off.

Tummy Stuffers Stuffing

Jacob was pleased to see that the entire blanket fit into his dog’s belly! He said that it will make it easier for future sleepovers, as he can stuff his favorite blanket and also have a stuffed animal to cuddle with. Considering it practically takes an act of Congress to get the child to leave the house these days, I’m not sure how many sleepovers he’s planning on attending. Still, I love that he thinks of creative uses for things!

Tummy Stuffers Snuggling

Once stuffed, the Tummy Stuffers are just right for cuddling! Shhh, he’s not really sleeping there! He thought it would be more authentic if we took a picture of him pretending to sleep. Believe me, he’s not that peaceful when he’s really asleep! He’s a kicker and a sleep walker! Still, isn’t he just adorable? I can’t believe he’s 9 already! I love that he still loves stuffed animals! He’s at that age where I’m no longer cool and most of his toys have been put away, but he still loves a snuggly plush friend!

Even though my son gave up on the cleaning promise five minutes after he made it, Tummy Stuffers really are great for encouraging kids to clean up after themselves. The pouch is the perfect size for a blanket, other smaller stuffed animals or soft toys. I suppose you could put harder toys in it, but only if you’re not planning to snuggle later. Check them out at TummyStuffers.com. They retail for $19.95 and come in a variety of cute styles!

Which Tummy Stuffer would your child like best?