My pups received a complimentary bag of Best Bully Sticks so that I could write this review. All opinions are my own.

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My dogs can smell a package for them a mile away! I kid you not, I picked up their package from Best Bully Sticks at my mailbox, which is actually a mile from my house. When I got home, they somehow KNEW that I had treats for them! I always joke that I send them psychic messages, but sometimes I wonder just how much of a joke it really is! When I came in the door with a long box from Best Bully Sticks, they did their little happy dance. I barely had a chance to snap a picture of the bag before I just had to give them one!

Treat Your Dog to Best Bully Sticks

My dogs love Best Bully Sticks

I received a nice big bag of the twisted bully sticks, ranging from 12-17 inches- a great treat for my three big hounds! You can see in the picture that they’re nice and thick, but not so much that your dog will have a hard time chewing them. My pups all lined up waiting for their sticks.

Treat Your Dog to Best Bully Sticks

Tasha took hers into the office and started chewing right away. She’s pretty picky about bones and other hard treats, but she really loves Bully Sticks. Usually, with bone-like treats, she’ll abandon it for a while, then maybe come back to it. With these, she actually sat and ate the whole thing. In fact, she was the second one done, which is unusual!

Treat Your Dog to Best Bully Sticks

Maia headed to her treat eating spot and started in on her Bully Stick right away too. Now, Maia likes to wait until the other dogs finish their stuff, then growl at them if they come near hers. When my brother and I were little, I used to tell him we were having a race to see who could eat their ice-cream fastest. I’d always let him win. Why? Because then when he was done, I’d still have ice-cream, rather than finishing first and watching him eat, wishing that I still had some. Rotten, right? Well, Maia must take after me, because that’s what she does!

Treat Your Dog to Best Bully Sticks

This is my favorite picture of the three! Cooper has to search for just the right spot to eat his Bully Sticks. Once he finds it, he chows down. He was a little suspicious of me taking pictures. I think he thought I was going to take his stick. I finished up fast and left him in peace. You’d think these dogs would be used to me taking their picture for blog posts. Kind of like how my kid is used to it by now! As you can see, all three of my pups absolutely loved their Bully Sticks.

What is a Bully Stick?

If you’ve never heard of bully sticks, you may be surprised to find out what they are. They’re bull penises! I think that’s the first time I’ve ever written “penis” on this site.  I actually wrote a post over on DogVills about why bully sticks make great treats. Check it out for the “long story.” Short story: despite the strange source, they’re actually pretty good for your dogs in moderation. When you get them from Best Bully Sticks, you can be confident that you’re getting the highest quality all-natural sticks.

The company was started by Avrum Elmakis and his wife as a way to give others access to high-quality treats that were also affordable.

Now, I’ll admit, Bully Sticks are a bit costlier than other chew treats. I mean, think about it: there is kind of a limited supply of bully penises out there. But they’re highly digestible, making them a million times better than rawhide (in my opinion). Best Bully Sticks not only ensures that they offer the highest quality sticks, but they also have some of the best prices on the net. You can get a 10-pack of the Made in the USA twisted Bully Sticks for $47.99, or about $4.71 per stick. You can also order single sticks. If that is out of your budget, they have thinner, shorter sticks for $2.19 each.

Check out Best Bully Sticks and explore their options to find one that best fits your dog’s tastes and your wallet. Follow Best Bully Sticks on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news and special deals. Their Bully Sticks are approved by the USDA. Check out the video to learn more:

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