I received a complimentary Cloud Pets Teddy to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Send Cuddly Love to Faraway Family with Cloud Pets Teddy!

First, let me tell you, this review is WAY overdue. I was waiting on pictures from my brother. Between summer vacations and his busy law practice, it took a bit longer than expected. I feel horrible about it, so consider this my public apology for the delay! I hope it was worth the wait! I think the pictures of my adorable niece make up for it though.

As you may know, my brother and his family lives a good four hours away from me. I don’t get to see my niece all that often. While we do Skype with them occasionally, it’s really a cold, hard way to communicate. I mean, you can’t exactly snuggle with a computer, now can you? Cloud Pets Teddy is changing the way we communicate with loved ones across the distance! Now, instead of just talking on the phone or sending videos, you can send messages to loved ones that they can actually cuddle with!

Cuddly Love with Cloud Pets Teddy

Send Cuddly Love to Faraway Family with Cloud Pets Teddy!

Here’s how it works: you send the Cloud Pets Teddy to your niece (grandchild, boyfriend, or whoever else you want). Then you download the free app and record your message. That message is sent over the cloud and delivered to Teddy, who then gives the message to your loved one! His heart blinks to let the recipient know that a message is ready. They can even send you a message back by pressing the hand!

Send Cuddly Love to Faraway Family with Cloud Pets Teddy!

I love that Cloud Pet Teddy is big enough for little ones to really grab onto and love. Plus, you can invite an unlimited amount of friends and family to share messages with your child! So that means everyone in our family can send Abbie messages! Messages can be up to 10 seconds. When you talk as fast as I do, you can say A LOT in that time! You can also turn Teddy off at night and snuggle with him at bedtime. Or you can leave him on, if you want, but I think I’d be freaked out if anything started talking to me in the middle of the night!

Cloud Pets teddy 4

Teddy does require three AA batteries that aren’t included, but those batteries last a super long time. You could send hundreds of messages before you have to replace them! Actually, according to the website, up to 1,000 on one set of batteries! I haven’t tested that yet though. You need either a phone or a tablet to send messages to Teddy, but you can use either cellular data or Wi-Fi. I do wish they offered a way to do it on the computer for those who don’t have smartphones or tablets. Maybe in the future. They have all sorts of great things in the works, like enhances features on the app, so we’ll see!

Cloud Pets Teddy isn’t available in stores. You can grab it on the Cloud Pets website for $29.99 plus shipping and handling. They offer free shipping to military families, which I just love!

Who would you send your Cloud Pets Teddy to?