It’s that time of the year again…already! I feel like my son just started back to school. Oh wait, he did! Okay, so yeah, it still FEELS too early to start thinking about the holidays. You know as well as I do, though, that they’re going to sneak up on us lighting fast. That’s why I’m starting to accept 2014 holiday gift guide submissions now. Keep in mind, though, that reviews for the gift guide won’t start going live until mid-October. That gives me time to really try them out and get some awesome pictures for you!

Now Accepting 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Submissions


I am accepting submissions for the following categories:

  • Gifts for Grade-School Boys: My son is the test subject for this category (gender-neutral gifts are fine too). Category includes: toys that a 9-year-old boy would love, electronics (he is incredibly good with computers), video games on so on.
  • Gifts for Her: Including clothing, accessories, pampering items, gourmet goodies and other appropriate gifts for women. Basically, anything I’d want to see under the tree for me!
  • Gifts for Him: My own guy will be testing out this category. Acceptable items include clothing, subscription boxes geared towards guys (he LOVES those), electronics, gourmet treats and such.
  • Gifts for Pets: I have three dogs, two cats, two guinea pigs and a parrot. They love holiday gifts just as much as we do! Gifts may include toys, treats, comfy bedding and other items that pets would love.
  • Stocking Stuffers: Fun goodies to fill stockings for men, women, children and even our furry (or feathered) friends!
  • Limited spots for baby items: I also have a few spots open for baby items, specifically for infants around 10 months. My niece is coming for a visit, so all baby items will be reviewed on the weekend of October 20th and post shortly after that.

What I require from you:

  • A full-size non-returnable product to try out for my review.
  • If you want me to host a giveaway, a second full-size product must be sent to the winner by you, or a gift card with a value of at least $50.
  • Product minimum of $25. I am flexible on this for smaller companies and certain items like movies and video games. You may include a variety of items to meet the minimum for the stocking stuffer category. All items will be combined into one post.

What you get from me:

  • A full-length  post about your product cross-posted into the appropriate category on my site and into the Holiday Gift Guide category.
  • Social media mentions, including at least three tweets, one Facebook status update, one pin on Pinterest and a Google+ post.
  • Personal pictures of the product in use when possible.

Interested? Email me at [email protected] and with 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Submission in the subject line. Tell me about the product as well as whether you’d like to run a giveaway along with a review. If it’s a good fit, I’ll get back to you.