I received a complimentary EMME Bag in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.


I’m an incredibly light packer when it comes to clothes. Seriously, I’m like the anti-girl with that! I can pack an entire week’s worth of clothes in a tiny suitcase no problem. The problem comes when I get to the bath and beauty goods! THAT is where I become the ultimate girly-girl nightmare. As you know by now, I’m totally addicted to beauty products. Not because I’m trying to hide my flaws or anything, I just think they’re fun!

One look in my bathroom and you’ll see why it’s hard for me to pack beauty necessities like a reasonable person. I have different scents of bath wash, lotion and body spray for every mood. Then there’s the makeup: colors in just about every shade plus the tools to apply them. Let’s not forget the real necessities: shampoo, conditioner, leave-in-conditioner (I have crazy thick hair), deodorant, facial cleanser….deep inhale…eye cream, day cream, night cream, sunscreen, lip balm…you get the point. So how on earth is a girl to fit ALL OF THAT into a tiny suitcase? With the EMME Bag!

Pack it and Go with EMME Bag

The EMME Bag is a gorgeously simple solution to a girly-girl’s beauty needs. It looks pretty small, doesn’t it? That’s its big secret! When collapsed like above, its dimensions are:  8.0″ long  12.5″ wide x 2.25 thick. Small enough to lay on top of your clothes in your suitcase. Let’s expand miss EMME bag, shall we?


Ta-da! Look at all that beautiful space for your beauty necessities! EMME Bag even comes with little cards to recommend items for each pocket, which I keep as a basic packing list. See that little clear section at the bottom? Well, there are two terrific things about it. First, it was filled with this great package of travel containers that are small enough to get through airport security- at least for now. I’m convinced that we’ll all have to fly in underwear soon, but until then, these little babies are the perfect size. Love that they come with labels! Not only does this help me know what is what, but it also reminds me what I need to take!

Emme 3

The second great part of that clear plastic section is that it unzips from the main bag, which makes it perfect for setting on the bathroom sink. You could even take it in the shower with you if you wanted to. It’s quite roomy!

emme 4

This really is the best travel organizer for essential beauty products I’ve ever tried. Trust me, I’ve tried a lot of them! I have a whole cabinet filled with travel bags, and usually I have to use a combination of a few of them. EMME makes it easy to pack everything I need in one compact bag. It’s made of the highest quality nylon and non-toxic plastic. Order it online a EMMEBag.com or on Amazon. Follow EMME on Twitter and Facebook for news and great little travel tips!

What beauty necessities do you take with you when you travel?