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Praefortis - MichelleThe Praefortis by M.R. Ferguson

Zoe Masterson always felt like an outsider. She’s different from everyone else in her rural West Virginia town: destruction and mayhem follow her around like a rabid dog. After a mysterious fire leads to a death, Zoe ends up in what looks like a mental hospital—but is it?

At Weston State Hospital, she discovers that the world as she knows it is an illusion. So much more exists beneath the surface of life: races of people, Guardians, Assassins. . .and the one person she is destined to love forever, all caught up in a battle for control of this hidden world that could cost her the people she loves most.

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Read an Excerpt from The Praefortis

Pulling the pin out of her hair and letting it fall down her back, she slipped the dress on and walked into the bathroom. She opened the door silently; the tiny room was filled with steam. Walking slowly toward the shower stall, she tried not to cause the floor to creak. The shower door shut with a magnet, so there wasn’t a way to open the door quietly. She didn’t know what his reaction would be, but if he kicked her out, she intended to get an eyeful first.

Zoe stood watching him in silence. His back faced her, and his arms propped against the wall letting the hot water run down him. She opened the door and stepped inside, dress and all. Icarus turned to face her. He went to say something, but stopped when he took in her appearance.

“Did you buy this for me?” she asked, the water logged dress clinging to her body.

“You looked so beautiful in it,” he replied. His voice couldn’t hide his desire and nerves. She’d never seen him nervous and was proud she could cause him to stumble. She wanted to study his body, but she kept her eyes on his face. She moved toward him, and he took a step back.

“You don’t want to do this.” He swallowed hard. The statement made her glare at him.

“Stop telling me what I want and don’t want. I’m not a child. I know what I want.”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Icarus reached out and replaced a strap from her dress that fell. “I just don’t think you understand what this means. It isn’t just sex. If this happens, you’ll be bound to me forever.” His words were strained.

“In case you haven’t noticed, we’re already bound,” Zoe said, motioning back and forth with her finger.

“No, I’m bound to you. You’re free to make choices.”

“I’ve made my choice.”

About M.R. Fergusonmichelle

M. R. Ferguson has a passion for the paranormal that influences her writing and photography. Believing that anything can be possible gives her a sense of adventure, pushing her stories to a place her readers dare not venture on their own. “Dare to believe” is her motto, which stands to reason as she lives in a haunted house with her three dogs, cat and cockatoo. Wishing that fall would last all year, she plans for football season, Halloween and cooler temperatures as soon as June hits.