In the mood for something sweet but really trying to eat healthier? No problem! Make this simple sweet & crunchy strawberry yogurt parfait! It also makes the perfect breakfast for those busy school mornings!

Sweet & Crunchy Strawberries & Yogurt Parfait Recipe


Sweet & Crunchy Strawberries & Yogurt Parfait Recipe

Make sure you keep an eye out for my secret ingredient, especially if you’re looking for something sweet enough to replace dessert!

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  • Vanilla Yogurt (you can really use any flavor, or Greek if you prefer)
  • About four big strawberries (or any other kind of fruit that you prefer)
  • 1/2 packet of honey almond granolaSweet & Crunchy Strawberries & Yogurt Parfait Recipe (I suppose you can use other granola but I love the combo of honey & almonds).
  • Squirt of Liquid Agave in the RawSweet & Crunchy Strawberries & Yogurt Parfait Recipe (this is my “secret” ingredient)


  • Cut your strawberries into slices
  • Add a bit of yogurt to the bottom of your mug
  • Toss some strawberries in next
  • Add granola
  • Add more yogurt, then strawberries, then granola until you reach the top.
  • Squirt the Agave over top, letting it seep in. I would say I used about two teaspoons.

That’s it! Enjoy! The Agave adds a nice extra kick of sweetness to it, while the Honey Almond Granola gives it fantastic crunch. This is the perfect snack for getting over that mid-afternoon slump. It’s also great for breakfast. Plus, when you put it in a mug, you can take it on the go.



What fruit would you put in your sweet & crunchy yogurt parfait recipe?