Found on my phone

Did you ever just sit there and go through the random pictures on your phone? I was going to do a Wordless Wednesday post. A week in pictures. Realized I had a boring week. Was going to do a month in pictures. Realized I didn’t do much picture-worthy stuff over the month. Realized I needed to get out more. Cried in my coffee. Then realized I have some STRANGE pictures on my phone! I also have some super cuties too. So I thought “hey, Nik, how about you come up with a whole new concept? A ‘Found on my Phone‘ theme?” If it already exists, don’t burst my fragile bubble. Just let me pretend I had an original idea for five minutes. Next week you can tell me!

Anyway, so every week (if I remember, you know I’m REALLY bad with these things), I’ll see what kind of weird or cute stuff I have on my phone. Then I’ll share it! Oh, and the Instagram embeds totally count, because they started on my phone. And yes, I’m totally begging for followers. I’m not going to lie, I’m transparent that way. If anyone else wants to play along, go for it! Leave a link to your post in the comments. If enough people want to do it, we’ll make a linky, because that’s what we bloggers do. We make linkies. We love our linkies! If we make a linky, I’ll make a prettier graphic.

Found on my Phone: The Cute, the Funny & the “What is My Kid Doing There?”


Babysitting my niece for the weekend. Isn’t she cute?

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What in the holy heck is with that face? LOL! My son taking selfies! The quality stinks, but too funny not to share!

Jacob selfie

This is my aunts PUPPY. Yes, PUPPY. I think he was about four months old there. He’s an Irish Wolfhound, aptly named Guinness.

Irish Wolfhound Puppy

We tried growing a plant. We grew this instead:

Prue in Flower Pot

That’s all for this week! Come back next week to see if I remember to do this again, then see what kind of weird stuff I find on my phone!

What is the weirdest picture you’ve ever found on your phone that you don’t remember taking?