Ready to start a new Halloween tradition? I have just the thing to help you! I received the most adorable set called Switchcrafted: The Story of the Switch Witches of Halloween for review. It comes with a book, a treat bag and the cutest little witch you ever did see!

Start a New Halloween Tradition with Switchcrafted

Switch Witches Swap Your Kids’ Candy for Toys

So here’s the deal: Witches need candy to survive! It helps them fly, heats up their bath water and fuels their magic. The problem is, they never quite blend in right on Halloween, so they can’t go trick-or-treating for it themselves! They need the help of all the good little boys and girls out there: emphasis on GOOD. See, like the big red man in the North Pole, the Switch Witches also keep track of who has been good and who has been, well, not so good. They do this with the help of the little witch included in the box. Think Elf on a Shelf, but for Halloween.

Start a New Halloween Tradition with Switchcrafted

Every Halloween, they ask the good kids to put their candy in a bag and leave it out. Then the witches come down the chimney (or find other ways inside) and swap out the candy for a toy! Of course, kids can keep some of their candy if they want. This is such a cute way to limit sweets without ruining the fun of Trick-or-Treating. Kids will know they’re helping the witches!

I personally love it because it presents witches in a sweet, fun way. As a Pagan (and yes, a witch), I was really sad when my son went through a phase where he was terrified of witches. The witches are all super sweet and really want to help keep kids healthy and good, while also helping themselves of course. Even if you’re not personally a witch, it’s still just so much fun!

The other fabulous thing about Switchcrafted: it helps promote reading and family bonding time. The book is filled with gorgeous and vividly colored illustrations, created by Milena Kirkova. The story is simple yet fun, appealing to children as young as preschoolers to older kids in grade school. After reading the story, talk about healthy habits with your kids and encourage them to give up some of their candy loot to help the witches’ cause.

You can also get creative with the cute little witch. For example, since we’re trying to encourage healthy living, have her sitting on your child’s bike or scooter with a note about how proud she is that your child is getting active. Or hide her among the video games with a note encouraging kids to go outside! You can find more great ideas, as well as info about the story at There, you can also register your witch, download free coloring pages and more.

What are your favorite family Halloween traditions? Share them in the comments!