With the holidays approaching way too fast, it’s time to start thinking gift ideas! If you’re looking for a fun gift for her that’s really two presents in one, check out Jewel Scent. I received a complimentary Tropical Kiwi candle for this review, and I can tell you I’d be happy to receive this as a gift from anyone!

Jewel Scent Tropical Kiwi Candle: Two Gifts for Her in One

Jewel Scent makes candles with a bit of a surprise inside: a ring that could be worth anywhere from a few dollars to thousands! It’s like a grown-up version of the toy inside the cereal box, only way better, because, hello, it’s jewelry, not a plastic do-dad. Also, because it’s buried in a yummy-smelling candle, not a box of sugary bits. Okay, so it’s nothing like a toy inside a cereal box.

Jewel Scent: A Jewel in Every Scent

Jewel Scent candle 2

The slogan pretty much says it all: every candle comes with a jewel. While that’s cool enough on its own, the candle needs to smell good, right? I mean, who wants to burn a stinky candle to get to the surprise? Well, don’t worry, Jewel Scent candles definitely smell wonderful. They’re hand poured using all natural soy wax.  The tropical kiwi smells just like you’d imagine it: like a vacation on a Hawaiian beach! Each candle burns for 100 hours.

Jewel Scent Candle 3

Now, when I saw that, I thought “oh no, it’s going to take forever to get to the surprise!” Well, it doesn’t. My ring was actually pretty close to the top. I only had to burn it for maybe an hour to reach it. As soon as I saw the gold foil, I tried to get to it. I had to let it burn just a bit longer. Once it’s free from the wax, you have to blow out the candle (seriously, don’t try grabbing it while it’s still lit!), then use tweezers to retrieve it. It’s slippery! I actually dropped it and it slid across the floor. Try to be more graceful than I was.

Jewel Scent Candle 4

Let it cool for a moment, then unwrap your treasure! Now, when I was contacted to review Jewel Scent Candle, they were kind enough to ask me my ring size. Um, I apparently don’t know how to size my own finger and told them 13. They didn’t have that size in stock, so they sent me I think a 10. It’s a bit big. Lesson learned: don’t try to size your own finger unless you know what you’re doing. That is totally my fault though! Here is the ring I received:

Jewel Scent Candle 5

That is right after it came out of the candle, so it’s a bit slick. It’s cute! You know what I also noticed while I was getting wax all over my fingers because of my lack of gracefulness? The soy wax dissolves quite nicely and actually felt a bit lotion-like on my hands. I wouldn’t recommend rubbing the wax into your skin on purpose, typically the scents used in candles are not body-safe. Still, it’s way easier to clean up than your common candle wax.

Jewel Scent comes in several different aromas, with something for just about every taste. I’m a tropical fruit type of girl, but there are scents for those who prefer floral aromas as well. They make fantastic gifts for moms, grandmothers, aunts and teenage girls. They’re also fun hostess gifts to keep on hand for those last-minute holiday invitations!

Visit Jewel Scent to check out their different scents and buy. Follow Jewel Scent on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news, like special editions. I HIGHLY recommend this, as their anniversary candle sold out in like a day. Definitely check out their Pinterest page, too, it’s gorgeous!

What is your favorite candle scent? What type of treasure would you love to see in a Jewel Scent candle?