Looking for a meaningful personalized gift idea for the holidays? Particularly something that would be great for new moms? InJoy Artistry let me pick out my favorite of their gorgeous prints for tots, personalized it and sent it my way for review. Now, I’m sharing it with you!

Give a Meaningful Personalized Gift with InJoy Artistry

First, let me point out that I removed some of the details from the finished product to protect my niece’s privacy. After I had already sat there and diligently cloned out Abbie’s last name and birth place, my sister-in-law Jennie said not to worry about it! Anyway, any flaws that you see in those spots are all mine.

That said, look at the gorgeous color! Jennie loves purple, so when I saw this painting on the InJoy Artistry website, I knew I found the one for Abbie. The poem is just beautiful. It’s everything that I want for my niece. A life of joy, imagination, wonder and beauty.

Give a Meaningful Personalized Gift with InJoy Artistry

I absolutely love the butterflies. The detail is so soothing, just right for a nursery. The overall quality of the piece is outstanding. It’s just such a beautiful gift to give a new mom. As Abbie grows, I hope she’ll keep it on her wall to remind her how much her Aunt Nikki loves her. I chose this piece because it’s something that can also fit into a little girl’s room, a teen’s room and beyond.

Take a look at a couple of my other favorite pieces that really grow with a child:


Actually, the Roselamp piece is perfect for kids and adults. My mom and her sisters have a secret “Rosebud” code. It’s their way to identify each other in the next life. This would be perfect for them!

pencilleaves_Framed_1The Creativity Blooms art is the piece I’d choose for my son. It fits him perfectly. Each piece was painted by Sarah Nehamen, the artist and creative force behind InJoy Artistry. It arrives on high-quality canvas ready for hanging.

Personalized Abigail 4

If you’re looking for a unique, beautiful and meaningful personalized gift idea for the holidays, baby shower or just because, InJoy Artistry is definitely it. Check out their site to learn more. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to keep up with news.

Which InJoy Artistry piece do you absolutely love? Tell me in the comments!