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Solar Halloween

Ready for trick-or-treating? I know I am! It’s one of my favorite parts of having a kid, especially since mine doesn’t really eat a ton of candy. That means more for mommy! Mwa, ha ha! He has his favorites. Fortunately, his favorites and mine are totally different. Works out great, right? As we get ready for Halloween, it’s time to start thinking about trick-or-treating safety.  My number one safety tip: bring a flash light.

Think about it: a flashlight makes sure your child can see where they’re going, so it prevents nasty falls. It makes sure others can see your child, so it stops trick-or-treat collisions. It’s a bright friend at a scary house, a beacon when you get separated from the pack. It’s just such a versatile safety tool…when it works. Doesn’t it stink when you’re racing against the trick-or-treat time limit and the batteries in the flashlight die? These days, most towns only give your kids two hours to score as much candy as possible. No time to run back to the house! So what do you do? Go solar powered!

Take a Quiz, Get a Solar Flashlight for Halloween

FREE Solar Flashlight

Pure Energies, North America’s leading residential solar company, wants to teach you and your kids more about the benefits of solar power. Take their quiz about solar energy and get a free solar flashlight for Halloween! I promise, the quiz is quick yet very informative. I learned quite a few new facts! For example, solar energy can save you around $600 a year in energy costs. I’m not telling you any of the other answers though, no cheating!

Take the quiz with your child and use it as an opportunity to talk about clean energy. Let the questions (and answers) lead the discussion. Are they surprised about which celebrity’s home is 100% powered by solar energy? Can they think of ways to conserve energy other than solar panels? You may be surprised at how much your kids know. My son learned about different energy sources- including solar energy- back in second grade!

Don’t worry if you get a wrong answer, they’re not keeping score. When you’re done taking the quiz, don’t forget to fill out the form with your name and address so you can get your free solar flashlight! Then check out the page for solar energy deals in your area.

Take the quiz now and get your free solar flashlight!