Topo's Piano for iPad: A Beautiful Tale of Friendship & Courage

This post is brought to you by Topo’s Piano. All opinions are my own.

Topo’s Piano is a charming and incredibly sweet interactive story for children ages 2-6.  It’s a tale of friendship and of courage, of dreaming and imagination. A tale of music, wonder and determination. Basically, a tale that celebrates all the traits we want our own children to have.

In the story, little Topo- a mouse- loves to play music for his friends. Topo created his own piano out of found objects- string, bolts, whatever he could grab and use. His songs are so beautiful, they help lull his friends to sleep. When disaster strikes, Topo needs to find the courage to go on. I don’t want to give anything away, so you’ll have to read it!

Topo’s Piano: An Interactive & Inspiring Story

Topo’s Piano resonates with kids  in two very special ways. First, it’s interactive. Our children are growing up in the digital age, so it make sense to bring stories to life in ways we never saw as kids. Interactive books are not new to the 21st century, though. Think about it: we had “choose your own adventure” stories, coloring books with tales interwoven into the pages and other ways to engage with a book. Our kids just have, well, more unique ways.

Throughout the 23 beautifully illustrated pages of Topo’s Piano, your child can interact with Topo’s world by playing music, helping Topo open doors, move things around and more. When your child feels like they are part of the story, they’re more likely to remember the lessons imparted through the pages. Speaking of the lessons, Topo’s Piano is full of them! Children will learn about the meaning of friendship, how to overcome tragedy through determination and all the big, important lessons. While that is fabulous, I really love the subtler messages about the beauty of music.

Topo's Piano for iPad: A Beautiful Tale of Friendship & Courage

See, I come from a very musical family. My grandfather used to play his guitar for me when I was a child, making up songs on a whim when I walked into the room. My grandmother played the harp (and passed down a beautiful one for Jacob). My mom and all my aunts were big into drum corps for many years. In fact, my aunt and cousin still march. While the music genes skipped me entirely, I’m thrilled to see that Jacob didn’t miss out. He joined chorus this year and wants to play the trumpet next year.

Even though I have no musical talent, I was raised around those who excelled at playing instruments. Topo’s Piano reminded me of how music can so deeply change lives. The fact that Topo put together his piano with found object, patience and love tells kids that you don’t have to buy fancy instruments to make beautiful music. It encourages children to find music all around them. When you can drum out a song on a bucket or hear a tune in the rain falling on the roof, you can find peace through music anywhere. Our kids are so rushed and pressured these days. Beautiful, interactive stories like Topo’s Piano gives them a chance to unwind and relax, making it ideal for bedtime. The beautiful illustrations add to the lush, magical atmosphere.

Visit Topo’s Piano website to learn more about this gorgeous interactive story for kids. Download it in the App Store for iPad for just $2.99. Follow Topo’s Piano on Facebook for news and beautiful illustrations from the story. Follow on Twitter to keep up with Topo’s tweets.

Do your children love music? What are their favorite instruments?