Let’s talk shedding, shall we? Anyone with a furry pet (versus the real-hair dogs and those, um, unique hairless cats) knows what I’m talking about right away. My dogs and cats are among the great loves of my life, but wow, they shed a lot. With three pooches and three kitties, I figure at any given time my carpets have enough pet hair in them to create a life’s supply of wigs for those aforementioned hairless cats!

Photo courtesy of Neato Robotics Vacuum

Photo courtesy of Neato Robotics

Take a look at Tasha. She’s just laying there and she’s shedding! I usually either clean the area completely before taking pictures or spend half an hour cloning out pet hair in my pictures, but this time I left it in so you can see what I mean.

I need a Neato Robotics Vacuum to take care of this shedding!


Shedding is a fact of life when you have pets, which means frequent vacuuming is also a fact of life. I’m not really a big fan of dragging out the vacuum cleaner and spending half an hour going over all the floors every day though. I have so many other things to do. Besides, I’d rather spend that time with my pets! After all, Tasha and Maia are both getting up there in age. I don’t want to miss a moment with them.

Neato Robotic Vacuum: The Best Vacuum for Pets

Maia wonders how the Neato Robotics Vacuum works

The best, you say? Tell me more!

Maia is skeptical of anything that claims to be “the best.” She says she’ll be the judge of that. I say that numerous industry experts- from CNET to PetGuide-are pretty good judges and we should take their word for it! What makes Neato Robotics Vacuum so special? Let’s take a look at why I’m begging Santa to bring me one:

  • Um, hello, it vacuums FOR YOU! Need I say more? Probably. That’s kind of too short and sweet.
  • Has great suction, combo brushes, larger bins, filters
  • It can handle different types of floods and even navigate under furniture. Even I can’t navigate under my bed! The laser-guided navigation used in the Neato Robotics Vacuum is the same that’s used in the Google driverless car!
  • Hands-free and Automatic – Set it and Forget it : You can schedule it to run at certain times. Perfect for people like me who can’t even remember to eat breakfast.
  • It even takes its cute little self home to its charging dock to power back up. Love!!

Neato Robotics Vacuum

You want it, right? I know I do! Head over to the Neato Robotics Vacuum website to learn more about the best vacuum for pets and see it in action. You’ll also find  testimonials,
access to the shed solutions guide featuring content from petMD and Pet360 plus a fun community page for sharing shedding stories.

How do you keep up with your pet’s shedding? Would a Neato Robotics Vacuum help you?