Brick Loot 1

Looking for an awesome gift idea for building fans that keeps giving all year long? Brick Loot is definitely the way to go! This fabulous new subscription service invented by a 9-year-old boy just launched in time for the holidays. I actually got a sneak peek at their December box (their very first box!).

What’s in the Brick Loot Box?

Brick Loot 2

I don’t want to give away all the surprises, but the picture above gives you a bit of a peek at the December Brick Loot box. Now, keep in mind that, like all subscription services, every monti is different! Every month is also a brand new surprise! What I can tell you- and what I absolutely LOVE about Brick Loot- is that you get a really cool mix of different brick-based building toys. You also get a fun mix of interests.

A few examples form the December box:

  • A super cool Nanoblock set for your fighter jet fan
  • A Brick Loot exclusive that your robot-loving child will adore
  • A little something special for your sports fan (bonus: you’ll be among the first ever to get it!)

I also got the mother of all gifts for moms who put together their children’s brick projects: the Brick Popper. Oh, thank you so much, Brick Loot. That alone made my day! If you’ve ever read my reviews of LEGO or MegaBloks, you know that I put them together and Jacob plays with them. The Brick Popper is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.


Brick Loot 3

You need to hurry if you want the December box. It closes fast (like in two days). I thought it closed on December 5th, but I misunderstood. It ships on December 5th. So GO TO BRICK LOOT NOW and order. Otherwise, you can still sign up for the subscription and let your recipient know they’ll be getting their first box in January. Regardless of whether you get the December box or sign up for future boxes,  use coupon code mom6 to save 10%. Code expires 12/31/14

Also, if you get the December box and share a an un-boxing videos, you can enter to win THE MEGA BRICK which has over $700 of LEGO sets. Keep an eye on their website for details about that. Check out Brick Loot on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news and special deals.

What would you love to see show up in your Brick Loot package?