We received these cool low-tech  gifts for kids with big imaginations for review. All opinions are my own.

Cool Low-Tech Gifts for High-Tech Kids: Blobbits

Tis the season to wrack your brain over what to get your almost-pre-teen kid! I really miss the toddler years. My son was SO much easier to buy for then. We’d get the toy catalog, I’d say “this looks cool, don’t you want it?” He’d say “yes.” Within minutes, my list was done! Now, he’s 9 going on 19 and all about the high-tech fun. While I’m pretty encouraging of his tech interests, I don’t want him connected 24-7. What if Revolution comes true and the lights go out tomorrow? He’d never be able to entertain himself!

Cool Low-Tech Gifts Even Your High-Tech Kids Will Love

Jake and I received two really cool items that even your high-tech kids will love: Blobbits and Big Mouth Masks. The Blobbits were definitely a HUGE hit here! Jacob and I played with them over and over. I don’t think we’ve engaged with a low-tech toy that much in a LONG time!

Blobbits: Super Cool Stocking Stuffers

Cool Low-Tech Gifts for High-Tech Kids: Blobbits


Blobbits are fun little monsters that start with a putty-like base. From there, the rest is up to you. Each set comes with all the pieces you need to create your own cool creature, including eyes, nose, mouth and other parts. Put your creature together, then stick him under the light to absorb the rays. After a short time, he’ll glow in the dark. Leave him out even longer and he’ll melt away!

Cool Low-Tech Gifts for High-Tech Kids: Blobbits


The melting was our favorite part! We’d create creatures, then come back a couple of hours later to see them melted back int blobs. You can see our creatures in various states of melting in the picture below.

Cool Low-Tech Gifts for High-Tech Kids: Blobbits

Since you get four different colors, the fun goes much further. Try mixing and matching the pieces to create really crazy monsters. Jake wouldn’t let me do that, though. I’m just glad he let me play! I’m kidding, he’s a sweet, generous boy. Blobbits even bounce, but we didn’t try that out because with so many pets, I didn’t want them to get ruined with hair.

Visit the Blobbits website to purchase your four-pack for $9.99 + shipping. Check them out on Facebook and Twitter for more fun.

Big Mouth Masks Encourage Year-Round Imaginative Play

Cool Low-Tech Gifts for High-Tech Kids: Big Mouth Mask

The next item on our very short list of cool low-tech gifts for high-tech kids is Big Mouth Masks. Sadly, we didn’t get to experience the full excitement of this one because my printer up and died. It’s spouting a mystery error code that I don’t understand. Basically, it’s bricked and I need to get a new one. I also originally planned to review Big Mouth Masks in time for Halloween, but illnesses and a death in the family pushed things back quite a bit. Honestly, though, I think they encourage imaginative play year round.

Big Mouth Masks are absolutely hilarious. Each kit comes with everything you need to make two masks. You also get double the photo paper in case of mistakes. I really LOVE that they thought of this! Here’s how it works:

  • Your set comes in the mail. You open it up and, if you’re like me, skip the instructions and get a little confused at first.
  • You actually READ the instructions, head to www.createmymask.com and get started with their extremely easy walkthrough.

Big Mouth Mask How to Make Your Mask

  • Upload your picture or choose one of their templates. Once you have your picture selected, zoom in so the face fills the screen.

Big Mouth Mask How to Make Your Mask

  • Continue following the directions to the end. You can either save your mask for later or print it right there.

Big Mouth Mask How to Make Your Mask

This is what your printable template will look like:

Big Mouth Mask Template Jake

Those with working printers can then print it out, cut it out and attach it to the mask. Pretty cool, right? See it in action in their super cool commercial:


Check out the Big Mouth Masks website to learn more! Masks retail for $14.99 + shipping, but they often have deals on their site.  Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news.