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When Jacob was born, my mom insisted that had to wash all his clothes before he could wear them. Not only that, but we HAD to wash them in Dreft. Only Dreft. I figured she had two kids and managed not to break us, so she had to know what she was talking about. My son was a preemie, so I wasn’t taking any chances. If she said this was the best laundry detergent for babies, then Dreft it was.

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Fast-forward nearly a decade to the arrival of my brother’s first baby, my amazing adorable niece Abbie. During Abbie’s baby shower, Ryan and his wife Jennie looked totally perplexed when my mom said “you should start washing all those clothes now so they’re ready when she comes!” Ha! See, not everyone knows you’re supposed to wash your baby’s clothes before they wear them! My brother’s a super smart lawyer, too. If he doesn’t know it, well, it’s clearly NOT common knowledge.

Dreft: #1 Choice of Pediatricians and Smart Grandmothers Everywhere

Dreft isn’t just the #1 choice for smart grandmothers passing down wisdom to their children, it’s also the top choice of pediatricians. Did you know they make all sorts of cool new stuff now? When Jake was little, they just made the detergent. Now they make all-purpose wipes, stain remover and even odor eliminator. My package arrived just in time for Miss Abbie’s visit a couple of weeks ago.


While I sent most of it home with my brother, I was anxious to try out some of the newer (to me) products. I really loved the All Purpose Wipes. They’re super gentle yet incredibly effective. Abbie is all about finger food right now. While we did clean the tray with soap and water after meals, the wipes were convenient in between at snack times.

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We can’t have any nasty germs going into this cute little face, now can we? Don’t you just want to keep her? Isn’t she so stinkin’ cute? She was trying to grab the camera…or feed me some odd little puffed snack that she eats. Although my brother said she doesn’t actually give it to you. Just pretends that she’s going to, then snatches it back at the last minute. She must know that aunt Nikki is a picky eater, because she actually shoved weird baby food right in my mouth. Silly girl!

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 Bundle up your baby in the ultimate softness with Dreft

Daylight savings time is here! We’ve officially “fallen back.” Of course, that means colder temperatures are on the way. I always loved when my son wore fuzzy jammies. Still do, actually. I love to snuggle him when he’s all soft and cozy. When you’re dealing with delicate baby skin, you want to make sure you’re using something designed to keep those cozies soft while also keeping harsh allergens away from your baby’s skin.

Dreft is specially formulated to be gentle on baby’s skin but tough on stains. Plus, it has that awesome scent that just smells like babyhood. I love that scent! I kind of wish I hadn’t given all the Dreft to Ryan and Jennie so I could wash MY clothes in it! No, she needs it more. She’s a baby. I just act like one sometimes.

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