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Giving our troops a little taste of the comforts from home has never been easier, thanks to Marie Callender’s. Right now, when you buy specially marked packages of delicious dinners and desserts, then enter the code on the Comforts from Home website, Marie Callender’s will donate $0.50 to the USO2GO. Give Our Troops a Little Comforts from Home with Marie Callender’s #ComfortsFromHome You’ve heard of the USO, right? Well, the USO2GO is one of their many wonderful programs designed to enrich the lives of our brave troops. The program gives kits filled with things like electronics, sporting gear, books, games and more to our troops stationed all over them world in remote locations.

When my ex-husband was in the Navy, he was stationed first in Adak, Alaska and then in Diego Garcia. Two very remote locations, albeit with entirely different climates. I used to send him all sorts of different stuff, little things from home. You really don’t know what you’ll miss until you don’t have it. Give Our Troops a Little Comforts from Home with Marie Callender’s #ComfortsFromHome Even when we were in Japan, which is hardly a “remote” location, there were so many things from home that I missed! My mom used to send me made-for-TV movies, complete with the commercials. Yes, I even missed those commercial breaks. AFN (Armed Forces Network) didn’t show the regular ads.

Many of our troops are stationed in places where they don’t even have access to modest base Exchanges (BX in Navy speak, I believe the Army called them PXs, or Post Exchanges). The kits from the USO2GO give them the comforts from home they need for a little fun and relaxation. Troops can relax and read in beanbag chairs, organize a game of football and even send emails to their family and friends back home with these kits.

Marie Callender’s Makes Supporting Our Troops Easy AND Delicious

Give Our Troops a Little Comforts from Home with Marie Callender’s #ComfortsFromHome  With all the delicious varieties of dinners and desserts from Marie Callender’s, supporting our troops has never been so delicious. I am a huge fan of their Chicken Pot Pies. From the tasty flaky top layer of the crust to the soft, moist yummy bottom layer and everything in between, every bite is always fantastic. Plus, it’s just the right size for a quick and easy meal for me. With my insane work schedule, it’s easier for me to pop a pot pie in the microwave and go. I absolutely love that Marie Callender’s taste like homemade food but doesn’t take hours to pull together.

Not a pot pie person? No worries, you’ll find Comforts from Home codes on numerous other varieties, including: Turkey Pot Pie, Vermont White Cheddar Mac & Cheese, Cheesy Chicken and Rice,  Chocolate Satin Mini Pie, Coconut Cream Mini Pie, Country Fried Chicken & Gravy, Creamy Chicken & Shrimp in a Parmesan Alfredo Sauce, Fettuccini with Chicken & Broccoli, Honey Roasted Turkey Breast, Roasted Turkey Breast & Stuffing, Scalloped Potatoes in A Creamy Cheese Sauce with Ham, Three Meat and Four Cheese Lasagna, Herb Roasted Turkey Breast, Salisbury Steak, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Slow Roasted Beef, and the Small Apple Pie. Hungry yet?

Marie Callender Support Our Troops 5

Entering your code is incredibly easy. Just visit the Comforts From Home site and follow the super simple directions. For every entry by 1/31/2015 of an 8-digit code found on participating products, Marie Callender’s will donate $.50 to the USO2GO program. Guaranteed minimum donation: $100,000. Maximum donation: $250,000. Limit 5 code entries per person/computer each day. Valid in U.S. Only.

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Support the Marie Calllender’s Thunrderclap initiative to get the word out to even more people! If you haven’t heard of Thunderclap, it’s a tool that helps spread messages even further by sending them out at the same time through the social media channels of friends. Sign up to support this effort RIGHT NOW by visiting this link. The message, “Help the USO & Marie Callender’s Meals bring the #ComfortsFromHome to troops overseas. Enter the on-pack code today!” will hopefully encourage thousands to enter the on-pack code and therefore drive donations to USO2GO.

Visit Marie Callender’s Facebook for inspiration and to keep up with news about the Comforts from Home project. I’d also love it if you could take a moment to share this post or retweet the below tweet. Let’s spread the word and give our troops the comforts from home they deserve!


What comforts from home would you miss the most if you were stationed in a remote location?

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