I received a complimentary pair of Gravity Defyer shoes to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

Gravity Defyers 2

Halloween was a crazy night. We had a tight scheduled because trick-or-treat only runs for two hours. We had to get my son off the bus at 4, go 30 minutes up the mountain to grab Sal’s kids, back down to the good candy neighborhood and get in our two hours before heading BACK up the mountain, then back down in time to get Sal to work at 10. Crazy, right?

Usually, after those two hours of walking, I’m a crying mess. I have- in addition to other issues that don’t affect walking- like three herniated disks and arthritis in my lower back, weak ankles and something funky going on with one of my hips. I’m also pretty sure I did something horrible to my foot when I feel down the stairs two months ago and twisted my toes back, but I haven’t had time to get that checked out.

This particular Halloween, a wonderful surprise arrived JUST IN TIME for trick or treating. Literally, just in time. I got my mail before heading out, and my brand new pair of Gravity Defyer sneakers were waiting for me. These shoes are the great sneaker love of my life. Let me tell you why.

Gravity Defyer Sneakers: Like Walking on Clouds of Happiness

Gravity Defyers

That headline is no joke. I can’t think of a better way to describe my G-Defy Super Walk Shoes. I put them on right away, in the middle of the bus stop parking lot. I’ve worn them exclusively since then. In fact, my old sneakers are still sitting in my trunk. They’ve kind of lost their will to live at this point, I’m sure. It’s hard to take pictures of your own feet, so sorry for the single-foot image. Thank goodness my socks were clean! Also, I didn’t realize I left the sticker on the side until much later. Hey, that’s cool, it looks fancy, right? Right???

So let me tell you about these wonderful, amazing, beautiful sneakers. First, they make me like an inch or so taller. I’m short and that’s appreciated. I can reach things better now, woohoo! The reason they make me taller, though, is because of everything going on inside the sole and heel. Let’s take a look at the picture from the Gravity Defyer site, it explains things so much better than I can:


Well, gee, that text came out a little small. Okay, so here’s what we have in these magical shoes that I now love much more than sliced bread:

  • Starting at the top, you have super cute racing laces! They may not look like they add to the overall function, but they’re easy to tie. Bonus for people like me with carpal tunnel (are you keeping a running list of all my medical issues? I can give you a Power Point presentation if you’d like)
  • We have a comfy, cozy padded collar that hugs your foot. Remember, I put these on right away and walked for two hours. They DO NOT require “breaking in.” No rub, no pain. Best trick-or-treating experience of my adult life.
  • An exoskeleton that keeps moisture out and holds up to your rugged lifestyle. This is the outside of the shoe, for those who skipped biology.
  • Built-in liners and foot supports that also allow air flow, so goodbye stinky feet.
  • Engineering stuff that I don’t understand, like springs and shock absorbers. Things that I probably need to replace on my car, but at least they work great in my sneakers! Seriously, amazing.
  • VS2 VersoShock™ Reverse Trampoline sole with 3x the shock absorption. Again, this is something technical that is beyond me. I’m just glad they know what they’re doing, because they’ve created a superb walking experience.

Put all this together and whether you understand the engineering behind it or not, you have the most comfortable walking experience of your life. Take if from someone who has back issues coming out the wazoo. I even managed to stand for four hours straight the other night as I covered for a friend at my old Santa set gig. While my back did still hurt a little at the end, it wasn’t the screaming and crying pain that I usually experience. My feet didn’t hurt at all. That’s NEVER happened. Ever.

The Gravity Defyer shoes are worth every single penny of their retail price. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone with any sort of back or leg problems. I also, of course, recommend them to runners, walkers, joggers, hikers, bikers and, well, pretty much any other …er. Gravity Defyers come in numerous types for both men and women. They even have boots and dress shoes. Shop Gravity Defyer online now for the walking experience of your life. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with news and deals.

Have you checked out Gravity Defyer? What is your favorite pair?