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Why I'm Thankful for My HP Envy Rove AIO #IntelAIO #IntelPartnerIntel-Thanksgiving

I’ve been using my beloved HP Envy Rove Intel AIO for a little over a year now. If you’ve ever met me, you know I get very attached to my computers. I name them,  talk to them, tend to them, protect them and love them. I’m super weird, right? Anyway, like with any good relationshipover the last year, I’ve come to love my Intel AIO a little more every day. Today, in honor of Thanksgiving week, I’m sharing why I’m super Thankful for my HP Envy Rove Intel AIO.

Why I Love my HP Envy Rove Intel AIO

It’s fast enough to handle just about everything I throw at it.

Intel Thanks Screen Shot

In an average work session, I have open:

  • 2 browsers, each with about 6 tabs
  • 2 photo editing programs
  • a Word program
  • a Spreadsheet program
  • three photo folders
  • Windows Live Mail
  • at least three other random apps, depending on what I’m doing

My HP Envy Rove Intel AIO handles the load flawlessly. The only issues I encounter are fr0m certain browsers (oddly, not the one you’d expect to be the issue) and notoriously flaky browser plugins. Can’t blame my baby for that, now can you?

Helped me become financially independent

Okay, while I did MOST of the work (all) on this one, I couldn’t have done it without my HP Envy Rove. Last year, before my Intel AIO arrived, I was working on an ancient machine ready to bite the dust. Productivity isn’t exactly easy when you can’t get past the login page of your own site without rebooting your computer. I gave my old PC to Jacob and he barely even touches it now. It just lags too much, even for his games. Now I’m looking into getting him an HP for the holidays! Anyway, having a fast All-in-One computer makes it so much easier to work, which means I get more done faster. I’ve finally reached the point of financial independence after years of struggling. I feel like I owe at least some of that success to my HP Envy Rove.

Lets me unwind and have fun after working all day! 

While I use my Envy predominantly for work, both Jacob and I also use it for fun. The screen is big enough for playing games, watching our favorite movies on Netflix or just browsing funny cat pictures. Jacob anxiously waits for me to get off so he can play his Dungeon Defenders or Minecraft games (my old computer can no longer handle them). My HP Envy Rove Intel AIO computer has become such a major fixture in our lives over the last year. I’m so thankful for it. While I hope it continues to perform as well for a while yet, when “retirement day” comes, I’ll definitely be getting another!

Why I'm Thankful for My HP Envy Rove AIO #IntelAIO #IntelPartner

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