Today I’m happy to share an author post from Scott Wiser, creator of Vanishing Ink. When I saw the amazing artwork for the story, I was enthralled. It’s simply gorgeous. The story itself sounds so appealing, I’m definitely adding it to my “to-read” pile once things calm down! In the mean time,  I asked Scott if he wanted to share a bit about the book with you in his own words. Enjoy!
 Vanishing Ink : A Great New Book for the Whole Family

Vanishing Ink : A Great New Book for the Whole Family

From Scott Wiser: Animator & Storyteller
Thanks Nicole. for you interest in my hardcover novel. I am glad tell your readers about it. Vanishing Ink is about a washed up magician who has to save the world from disappearing. Disney & DreamWorks storytellers have raved about it and hundreds of new fans have appeared in a matter of days. As an author, the best aspect of this book is that I believe it both entertain AND teach a good moral: Selfless Conquest Brings True Fulfillment. There is no sexual content or violence, so I’m certain the whole family will enjoy it.
Vanishing Ink : A Great New Book for the Whole Family
I’ve worked for years as an animator for film, games and commercials to master storytelling craft as I developed this book, an now here are some of the reviews:
“Delicious visuals in an imaginative world of magic and mystery. Scott Wiser has created a fantastical adventure for the whole family that also promotes the urgency of positive change.”
 -Jason Brubaker : DreamWorks Artist, Creator of Remind & Sithrah
“I was about halfway through this book and I thought this should be a Disney, Pixar, or Dreamworks movie. It’s that good. It soars majestically!”
– Zach Smith : Entrepreneur
“With every passing year, I grow more certain that my friend Scott Wiser is a fake person whose body of work is the massive conspiracy of a thousand artists. Joking aside, Scott is equally skilled in animation, illustration and storytelling. He’s an exemplary family man and one of the kindest and most passionate people I know. ‘Vanishing Ink’ is his most beautiful and unique work to date.”
– Chris Oatley : Founder of Oatley Academy, Former Disney Character Designer
You can currently buy the hardcover, digital, and audio version of Vanishing Ink here:
If you aren’t familiar with Kickstarter, you’ll be pre-ordering this book and once I print, I’ll ship it right to you. You won’t be charged until we raise enough funds on December 11th.
Please click the link, pledge, and help bring Vanishing Ink to the world.”