I received a complimentary SwitchArt Magnetic Frame and set of prints to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.

SwitchArt 1

Ever wish you could change your wall art instantly, without going through the hassle of taking one giant piece down and putting another up? When I put up a piece of art, it takes me forever to get it just right. First, I have to find just the right spot. Then I have to make sure it’s not crooked. Step back, examine, straighten, repeat. Over and over until it’s perfect. The last thing I want to do is take it down when my moods change!

Change Your Wall Art Instantly With SwitchArt

SwitchArt from Art.com is pretty much the most brilliant solution for fickle DIY home decorators. It starts with a magnetic frame and ends with, well, actually, the possibilities are limitless, since you can create your own art. I’m getting ahead of myself, though.

Let’s start with a cool video that explains way better than I can how it works, shall we.

So now you have the basic gist of it, let’s see a few awesome examples of what you can do with SwitchArt! See that picture up there at the top of this post? Wait, don’t scroll, I’ll show you again:

Change Your Home Decor Instantly with SwitchArt

By the way, the picture isn’t crooked, I just can’t shoot straight. Vertigo, inner ear issues, bad cold, don’t ask. Also, I’m short and it’s hung above my eye level. I didn’t stand on a chair because, hello, vertigo, inner ear issues, bad cold. I don’t want broken bones before the holidays. Been there, done that with my mom. I digress, as usual. Okay, so right now, that’s what we have hanging on our wall. When I decide I need a change, I’ll simply peel it off and, voila, I’ll have this:

Change Your Home Decor Instantly with SwitchArt

SwitchArt comes in hundreds of gorgeous designs to fit any personality, but I promised you limitless possibilities, didn’t I? That’s the REALLY cool part! You can upload your own photos and create your own SwitchArt! Make sets out of your favorite family vacation memories, showcase your child growing through the years- limitless possibilities! This makes an amazing gift idea for parents and grandparents.

Discover the limitless possibilities of SwitchArt and start changing your home decor in an instant! Oh, and by the way, there IS an app for that! Art.com  launched an iPhone app for SwitchArt, which you may find in the App Store, so be sure to check it out!

What pictures would you put on your SwitchArt magnet frame?