I received a complimentary Dreampad in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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My brain is my greatest asset in life. Without it,  I wouldn’t come up with new ideas, write all these stellar posts that you adore so much (just go with it, let me have my moment in the sun) or even be able to tie my shoes. I’m pretty proud of my brain. Except when it comes time to fall asleep. Then I want to stab it with a fork. See, my brain never “turns off.” Obviously, that’s a metaphor, as no one’s brain ever shuts off except when we die, but you know what I mean. My mind is constantly racing. It’s the nature of anxiety disorder.

I lay down and start thinking about what I didn’t get to do that day, what I need to do the next day, what I’ll NOT get to do if the power goes out, if my son gets sick, if I fall and break my wrist. What will happen if my car crashes, if I have a death in the family, if my appendix bursts. I run horrible scenarios in my head until I am ready to throw up. I used to be able to redirect and “think happy thoughts,” even if I had to jam them into my skull forcefully, but ever since I had a traumatic experience following my surgery, I can’t even pull that off anymore. PTSD stinks. I’m starting to look and feel like a poster child for the zombie apocalypse, which is oddly one of the few worst-case scenarios that I don’t run through in my head. I draw the line at completely ridiculous, thank you very much.

Find Peace at Bedtime with Dreampad

The Dreampad pillow has helped me significantly since I received it a couple of weeks ago. What is the Dreampad? Why, I’m glad you asked! It’s basically the neatest technological pillow on the planet. It delivers sound right to your brain. Okay, so not really. But it does deliver sound to your ears only when you’re laying on it. Now, I can’t possible explain the science behind it, so I’m going to let you watch the video to get a better understanding of the mechanics behind it:

The main thing you need to understand about the Dreampad is that ONLY YOU can hear the music, which means you won’t disturb anyone else in the room. It’s also far more soothing to hear the sounds up close, kind of like they’re right in your head, than coming from a machine across the room. For me, the Dreampad drowns out the chatter in my brain so I can actually get some sleep.

Jacob shares the Dreampad with me. Since he goes to bed before me, he uses it first. Jake’s favorite bedtime lullaby is Puff the Magic Dragon. He listens to it 22 times before bed. Why 22? Because that’s how many times I could fit it on a CD. Basically, it’s on loop. I have it on an MP3 player now, still on loop. As much as I love the song, hearing it over and over and over kind of makes me crazy. I have issues with repetition. I never liked rap music, partially for that reason. I can’t stand hearing the same sound repeatedly. It literally makes my skin crawl. Now, he listens to it through the Dreampad and drifts off to sleep happily and I don’t go crazy!

We also discovered another cool benefit to the Dreampad! See, while you can use the app to listen to the included relaxing tunes, you can also hear other music through the Dreampad, obviously. Jacob was playing his castle game (I can’t remember which one, something where he has to defend a tower and he has clans) while he was laying on the pillow with my phone hooked up to the Dreampad. He realized that he could hear his game through the pillow! So now when he wants to play downstairs while I’m working, he can use the pillow. It’s better than headphones when he wants to lounge around laying on his side, because the pillow doesn’t dig into his ears.

Ultimately, though, the major benefit of the Dreampad is the fact that it helps you get to sleep peacefully, especially when you have a racing mind. It’s perfect for adults and kids. I’d recommend it for anyone, but especially for those with anxiety disorder or ADHD. The Dreampad typically retails for $179, but it’s reduced to $159 during the holiday season. Visit the Dreampad website to learn more and to purchase.

Do you have a difficult time falling asleep at night? What types of relaxing music would you listen to with your Dreampad?