Years ago, when I was living in Japan and my ex was a Navy Journalist, he got to go to the Sapporo Snow Festival. I was so jealous because I had to stay home. He came back with all these really cool photos of snow and ice sculptures. Alas, those photos are in an album packed away in a bin right now, but I remember how much awe they inspired. They made me want to go out and build something with snow!

Get inspired to head out into a winter wonderland and create with these gorgeous snow and ice sculptures!

Mind you, my snowmen are nothing compared the masterpieces that snow and ice artists create! Still, they’re definitely inspiring! I rounded up a few of my favorite gorgeous snow and ice sculptures from the net to help inspire you to get out in the cold and get creative! Take a look!

Gorgeous Snow & Ice Sculptures

Note- except for those with credits in the caption, photos are from royalty-free stock sites like Pixabay and MorgueFile, so I don’t own them. In other words, you can grab and reuse them.

Gorgeous Snow & Ice Sculptures

This one is actually from one of the Sapporo Snow Festivals. Can you believe that is all snow? Isn’t it amazing? It’s bigger than my own house too! I would never have the patience to do something that detailed.

Spiderman Ice Sculpture

Is that Spiderman? Made of ice? How freaking cool is that? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a super hero ice sculpture before.

Gorgeous Snow & Ice Sculptures

I have no idea what’s happening in this ice sculpture, but the stunning purple color drew my attention right away. It’s kind of abstract, don’t you think? Looks kind of like an alien riding a motorcycle, like Ghost Rider maybe? Yes, I know, Ghost Rider isn’t an alien! Still, I thought it was pretty cool!

Photo Credit: sti via Compfight cc Gorgeous Snow & Ice Sculptures

Photo Credit: sti via Compfight cc

Whoa, is that cool or what? Love the iridescent glow from the lighting! Kind of reminds me of Kaa from the Jungle Book.

Gorgeous Snow & Ice Sculptures

I’m not sure which snow festival this one is from, but I love it! Makes me want to build an awesome snow fort to hide out in from pirates!

Ice Town Gorgeous Snow & Ice Sculptures

Photo Credit: Syromaniac via Compfight cc

Forget one ice sculpture, this is a whole little ice city! Simply stunning! It’s from the Harbin Ice Festival in China.

Photo Credit: jcbonbon via Compfight cc  Gorgeous Snow & Ice Sculptures

Photo Credit: jcbonbon via Compfight cc

Isn’t he a cutie? I think this one is from a competition in Wisconsin. From what I hear, they get plenty of snow there!

With all the snow we get in the Poconos (or we’re supposed to get, it was 50 degrees here on Christmas!), you’d think we’d have some sort of awesome snow and ice sculpture contest. Alas, I’ve never heard of one in the area. Still, the next time it does snow, I’m definitely going to flex my creative muscles and get building! I may not be able to make anything nearly as cool as these beauties, but I’ll have fun trying!

Which of these is your favorite snow and ice sculpture?