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 Thanksgiving may be over, but the holiday festivities are just heating up! We all know that the best gatherings are the ones that just sort of happen. No months of planning, no decorating, no coordinating. Just an impromptu gathering of friends and family. When I was a young Navy wife living in Japan, we threw last-minute celebrations all the time. Some of my fondest memories of that time involved our “Up for Anything” gatherings. Now that I’m older, I don’t have as many opportunities to get together with friends and family. Still, when the opportunity arises, I like to be ready! SOLO My Cup Jacob 1 Since half of my family was snowed in for the bulk of our Thanksgiving holiday, we threw an impromptu Leftover Get-Together once the roads cleared. By then, all the good china was long washed and put away. The tables were cleared, the stuffing stuffed into containers and bird bagged into white meat and dark meat bags. When you host a leftovers get-together, you don’t need a go-to recipe for the food. You just need to pull everything out of the fridge and lay it all out on the counter. It’s the perfect way to give those who couldn’t make the main event a taste of what they missed.

Be Up For Anything with SOLO

The thing about a Leftovers Get-Together is that you need a really strong plate to hold all that leftover goodness. Actually, if you think about it, any impromptu go-to recipe usually involves a little heft and mess, doesn’t it? I originally planned to make a nice Buffalo Chicken Dip for this post, but then inspiration (and the snow storm) took me in a different direction. My other go-to recipes: 5-layer dip, my mother’s spinach dip or homemade pizza. All of them need a strong plate. Solo Plate Terry Thankfully, SOLO has me covered! Even when you’re not dealing with messy foods (or your aunt eats like a bird), SOLO is still the way to go! Their plastic plates have a fabulous Squared design, so food stays in the middle, where it belongs. Plus, they’re super strong. No sagging or leaking. I’m absolutely loving their  ‘It’s My Solo’ Cups.They have a handy label that you simply peel, then scratch your name into. LOVE this idea because it cuts down on wasted cups when everyone forgets which drink is theirs! SOLO My Cup Jacob 2 Plus, you don’t have to worry about keeping a marker handy (half the time the name wipes off anyway). Other great products include SOLO Ultra cups  in different colors and SOLO clear cups. Remember, only SOLO is squared! SOLO offers Paper, Heavy Duty and Premium Strength products. Check out this video to see how all the best things start with SOLO!

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What are your favorite party tips for an impromptu gathering? How can SOLO help make them easier?

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