I received complimentary samples of Natasha’s Just Brittle. My opinions are my own.

Give 'Em Something Sweet with Natasha's Just Brittle

Looking for a little something sweet to put under the tree this year? Natasha’s Just Brittle isn’t your average brittle.  In fact, Natasha’s Just Brittle really isn’t “just brittle” at all, although I have to say, the brittle IS amazing! Natasha’s Just Brittle sent me a lovely gift bag of goodies to try out, including their Cookies & Cream Popcorn, Chocolate Dipped Cookies and, of course, some brittle. I got the cashew brittle, which was just spectacular!

Give 'Em Something Sweet with Natasha's Just Brittle

The Cookies & Cream Popcorn was such an unexpected surprise. I was really just expecting, well, brittle. Maybe something else that goes along with brittle. Look at those perfectly popped kernels coated in cocoa and creamy goodness. I really wish I knew how to pop corn that beautifully! There must be some sort of deep secret among the Awesome Treats Industry (or ATI, and no, I don’t think that’s a real thing).

Give 'Em Something Sweet with Natasha's Just Brittle

As you can see from the albeit shiny picture (that’s from all the goodness in the brittle, not because I stink at taking food shots), each bite of Natasha’s Just Brittle is filled with nutty goodness. Alas, my shots of the cookies didn’t come out great and I ate them all. Hey, I only had a partial hysterectomy. I kept the hormones, which means I still get mad chocolate cravings once a month. Natasha’s Just Brittle arrived RIGHT at that time. Here’s a so-so picture to give you an idea of what they looked like before my hormones turned me into a stark-raving chocolate-dipped cookie-eating lunatic:

Give 'Em Something Sweet with Natasha's Just Brittle

Shop Natasha’s Just Brittle & Support a Small Business

I love a company with a great back story. Natasha’s Just Brittle was founded by a single mom, so I can totally relate. Natasha was running a daycare center and decided to teach her kids about business! She needed an easy yet fun project to back up her lesson plan, so her and her kids started selling delicious goodies. They sold cookies, cakes, smoothies and, of course, brittle. Well, the brittle took off like crazy!

When Natasha was transforming the center into a green environment, she spent a lot of time learning about organic fruits, nuts and veggies. She started incorporating those into her treats. Voila! Natasha’s Just Brittle, an all-natural brittle company, was born! Unlike most brittles, Natasha’s Just Brittle does not contain corn syrup. You also won’t find any preservatives, artificial colorings or flavorings. She produces her yummy goodies in small batches to make sure each and every treat is as amazing as it can possible be.

Everyone deserves a little something sweet during the holidays. Make it Natasha’s Just Brittle and you won’t just be making a delicious, organic choice; you’ll be supporting a wonderful small business! Visit the Natasha’s Just Brittle website to learn more. Follow Natasha’s on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to keep up with news.

What flavor of Natasha’s Just Brittle would you love to see under your tree?

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